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    jump up



    Almost everybody in the world gets married, - you know what I mean?

    In our town there aren't hardly any exceptions. Most everybody in the world climbs into graves married.

    The First Act was called the Daily Life. This act is called Love and Marriage. There's another act coming after this: I reckon you can guess what that's about.


    It's three years later, It's 1904.

    It's July 7th, just after High School Commencement. That's the time most of our young people jump up and get married. Soon as they've pased their last examinations in solid geometry and Cicero's Orations, looks like they suddenly feel themselves fit to be married......

    (Thornton Wilder, Our Town)


    Hello everyone,

    Please what do you take jump up to mean in this context? I much appreciate you help. Thanks in advance.

    Verfasserkeeblerelf (908281) 26 Nov. 22, 11:17

    “to jump up and do something” : to do it suddenly or spontaneously without forewarning, possibly (not necessarily) without much forethought either

    (I guess the sometimes literal, sometimes figurative idea behind it is of a person sitting to start with, inactive. Then they jump to their feet and begin doing something – getting married, helping the poor, whatever.)

    #1VerfasserBion (1092007)  26 Nov. 22, 11:52

    Hello Bion, Thank you very much for helping me.

    #2Verfasserkeeblerelf (908281) 27 Nov. 22, 00:26
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