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    im Vergleich zum Vorvorjahr (finan.)


    im Vergleich zum Vorvorjahr (finan.)


    aus einer Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung



    Leo hat "year-on-year" für "Vergleich zum Vorjahr".

    Gibt es etwas entsprechendes für "Vergleich zum Vorvorjahr"?

    Viele Grüße


    Author Michael DE (212816) 06 Dec 22, 22:24

    (compared to the) same period of the preceding year ... (also : im Vergleich zum Vorjahreszeitraum)

    ... außer auf EU-Seiten ist diese Wendung auf jeden Fall auf UK-Seiten zu finden :

    making imports of certain hot-rolled flat products of iron, non ...

    ... Turkish import volume in the period June-mid-October 2020 with the monthly average volume of imports in the same period of the preceding year 2019.

    Lessons from the collapse at GE - Imperial College London

    29 Jan 2019 — In the first three quarters to June 2018, 32 gas turbines were ordered from GE, compared to 51 in the same period of the preceding year.

    3rd Quarter Results - Zhejiang Southeast (BQ36) - InvestEgate

    25 Oct 2002 — If compared to the same period of the preceding year, the electricity sale during the third quarter decreased by 0.121 billion kwh, ...

    Hier würde ich - für Vorvorjahr - dann eher die Jahreszahl nennen : (compared to the) same period of the year [nnnn -2])

    #1Author no me bré (700807) 07 Dec 22, 10:16

    Year-on-two-year change in sales and jobs in small businesses, UK, January 2019 to October 2021

    But note that you can only use this as in this example: as an adjective before a word like "change".

    #2Author CM2DD (236324)  07 Dec 22, 10:22

    compared to the year before last

    #3Authorchristopher H (265481) 07 Dec 22, 15:49

    Microsoft Word - Currys plc - 2021-22 Results Statement - FINAL.docx

    I'd never heard of "Year-on-two-year" before but this statement contains some examples where it's used as a table heading (year-on-2-year).

    #4Author FernSchreiber (1341928) 10 Dec 22, 11:08

    Als Überschrift in einer Tabelle,

    geht dann auch year-on-three-year, wenn man im Vergleich zu vor 3 Jahren zu Heute ausdrücken will?

    Sollte ja eigentlich, oder?

    #5Author buttermaker (826321) 10 Dec 22, 12:53

    #5 Yes, "year-on-three-year" appears to be used. Here's an example: Decline in sales volumes "not seen since depths of pandemic" (

    I guess, as this article implies, that "year-on-two-year" and "year-on-three-year" came into usage during the pandemic because comparisons with lockdown years were misleading or uninformative.

    #6Author FernSchreiber (1341928) 12 Dec 22, 15:37

    #6 Dankeschön.

    #7Author buttermaker (826321)  12 Dec 22, 15:43
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