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    German missing

    "Dial-in" referring to coffee brewing


    "Dial-in" referring to coffee brewing


    The full sentence is:

    Each coffeeshop can make small adjustments during each dial-in to make the coffee taste awesome.

    "Dial in" refers to getting the espresso machine properly 'tuned' to the specific coffee on offer that day - so includes things like adjusting the grind settings and machine settings. But I haven't been able to find the correct translation for this activity, maybe something along the lines of "Feinabstimmung" maybe?

    Any passionte coffee drinkers here with better ideas?

    AuthorPoison13 (889823) 20 Mar 23, 11:37

    Bei jeder Inbetriebnahme kann man eine Feinjustierung vornehmen.

    #1Author Oedipa (676921) 20 Mar 23, 11:51

    Aber die Feinjustierung/-abstimmung sind doch die small adjustments, nicht das dial-in, oder? Schon mal nachgeschaut, ob man in der deutschen Baristawelt vielleicht einfach "Dial-in" verwendet, Poison13?

    #2Author Mattes (236368)  20 Mar 23, 12:24

    "dial-in" bezeichnet hier wohl den Vorgang, des auf den Knopf drückens.

    #3Author buttermaker (826321) 20 Mar 23, 12:26

    @Mattes Ja, ich habe nachgeschaut, aber leider nichts dazu finden können.

    #4AuthorPoison13 (889823) 20 Mar 23, 12:28

    Sorry, ich hätte mich ausführlicher ausdrücken sollen. M.W. ist mit "dial-in" die Inbetriebnahme gemeint, also der Vorgang des Anschaltens. Und dabei kann man jeweils Feinjustierungen vornehmen.

    #6Author Oedipa (676921) 20 Mar 23, 12:33

    Wenn die Kaffeemaschine eines dieser modernen Kisten mit Internetzugang ist, kann das auch Einwahl oder Anmeldung bedeuten. Man meldet sich mit seiner App an und nimmt Feinjustierungen vor.

    Dazu müsste man aber mehr über das Gerät wissen.

    #5 und #6 waren eben noch nicht da.

    #7Author buttermaker (826321)  20 Mar 23, 12:34

    FWIW, aus dem Link in #5 :

     ... What Is Dialling In?

    ... The phrase “dialling in” is used to describe the process of making espresso taste as delicious as possible. Essentially, you are looking to extract the right amount of soluble flavour from the coffee using the right amount of water.

    In order to achieve this, you must change the parameters of the espresso. The three main parameters are the dose, yield and brew time, all of which have a massive impact on flavour.

    When dialling in, you should only adjust one parameter at a time, otherwise you can easily lose track of which has affected the espresso’s flavour in a certain way.

    Extraction levels are also important when it comes to dialling in. When not enough coffee extracts into the water – under-extraction – the espresso often takes on a sour taste and a viscous consistency. If too much coffee is extracted, however – over-extraction – then the espresso can taste dry, bitter, or burnt. ...

    #9Author no me bré (700807) 20 Mar 23, 12:46

    Habe gerade den Link in #5 durchgeschaut und ziehe meine #6 zurück - mit "dial in" ist hier m.E. tatsächlich die gesamte Zubereitung gemeint, siehe z.B. die Anleitung hier.

    #10Author Oedipa (676921) 20 Mar 23, 12:47

    I know of a Barista who operated her own private coffee shop and made excellent espresso and other coffee drinks. She insisted on using only a particular blend and roast from a small coffee roaster in Hamburg, In addition to adjusting her machine to the parameters listed in #5 at the start of each day (the "dialing in"), she also had to factor in the particular weather conditions of the day. If the weather changed drastically, such as a thunderstorm arising, she would have to make adjustments for that during the day.

    OT, from #5:

    "Stay hydrated. Dialling in often involves tasting a lot of espresso in a short period of time, which can affect your palate and obscure the more subtle flavours of each individual espresso. It can also mean you end up being over-caffeinated, which can cause dizziness, shaking, shortness of breath, and an increased heart rate. You should drink plenty of water before, during and after the entire process."

    For some of us, tasting a lot of espresso wouldn't be the worst fate. However, if you are really just tasting it, you would rarely need to drink more than a sip from each attempt, which I would think would make getting over-caffeinated rather difficult.

    #11Author hbberlin (420040) 20 Mar 23, 13:14

    Thanks so much for all of your help, you guys! :)

    #12AuthorPoison13 (889823) 20 Mar 23, 16:37

    I think there's a bit of confusion here. 'Dialing something in' refers here to the process of getting all of the fine parameters exactly right, through small adjustments.

    It is not specific to espresso; one can use it for any situation in which one is doing sample tries / trial and error to get one's ability to perform a relatively frequent action perfectly attuned -- espresso, baseball, a musical performance, video games, etc. Its origins are car engines -- getting them running at maximum efficiiency.

    No doubt the image is of getting physical dials to exactly the right setting.

    #13Author Lonelobo (595126) 20 Mar 23, 17:16

    Interesting that M-W implies that this meaning originates from motor racing,

    Where did this come from? Early usage of dialed in applied the term to the tuning of automobile engines. 

    but makes no mention of the radio, which required tuning by means of a dial...

    #14Author covellite (520987) 20 Mar 23, 18:12
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt