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    Well, for years I've lived reasonably near the centre of London and there doesn't seem any need to drive, because you've got to get M.O.T. and they always break down. Chris's car seems to spend tons of time in the garage. Even yesterday the left indicator light wasn't working so he had to take it to the garage. And I just couldn't be bothered with all of that, so I take taxis, and occasionally I get on the tube.

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    Eigentlich hatte ich aufgrund älterer Einträge an die Hauptuntersuchung beim TÜV gedacht, allerdings hat mich der Satzrest "und sie gehen immer kaputt" stutzig gemacht. Oder bezieht sich diese Aussage dann auf "Autos" im Allgemeinen?

    Author Alice Reeve (1009963)  20 Mar 23, 17:18
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    mot   Frenchdas Bonmot  pl.: die Bonmots
    bon mot   Frenchdas Bonmot  pl.: die Bonmots
    bon mot   Frenchdas Aperçu  pl.: die Aperçus
    bon mot   Frenchgeistreiche Bemerkung
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    "they" bezieht sich einfach auf Autos ganz allgemein, du liegst richtig mit dem Äquivalent zum TÜV.

    #1Author Jalapeño (236154) 20 Mar 23, 17:30

    The name derives from the Ministry of Transport,[6] a defunct government department, which was one of several ancestors of the current Department for Transport, but is still officially used.

    The MOT test checks that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards.

    You must get an MOT for your vehicle by either:

    • the third anniversary of its registration
    • the anniversary of its last MOT, if it’s over 3 years old

    Some vehicles need to be tested at one year old - check the MOT fees table to see which.

    Das könnte vergleichbar sein mit dem TÜV

    #2Author cassandra _1 (1375961) 20 Mar 23, 17:33

    Dazu auch :


    (em oʊ tiː IPA Pronunciation Guide )

    Word forms: plural MOTs

    countable noun

    In Britain, an MOT is a test which, by law, must be made each year on all road vehicles that are more than 3 years old, in order to check that they are safe to drive.

    My car is due for its MOT in two days' time.  ...

    #3Author no me bré (700807) 20 Mar 23, 17:42

    Genau. 2 verschiedene Aussagen:

    a) man braucht den TÜV

    b) dauernd ist was kaputt

    Auto lohnt sich also kaum in der Stadt

    #4Author Gibson (418762) 20 Mar 23, 17:45

    Der ganze Satz lautet übrigens so, und da steht ja auch das "car", auf das sich das "they" dann später bezieht:

    Well, for years I've lived reasonably near the center of London and there doesn't seem any need to drive, because you've got to have a car parked outside your house, you've got to get MOT and they always break down.

    #5Author Jalapeño (236154) 20 Mar 23, 17:46

    Euch allen ganz herzlichen Dank für die schnelle Hilfe und die Ergänzungen.

    #6Author Alice Reeve (1009963) 20 Mar 23, 18:37
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