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  • Subject

    Bossing it

    I don‘t understand what it means. The context is:Welcome to another episode of „Bossing it“, the podcast that helps you do your very best. It is British English. Could it nevertheless have the Amercan meaning“megageil“?

    Thank you in advance
    Author Realschülerin_1 (967257) 22 Mar 23, 19:08

    Die Vorschläge im folgenden link scheinen mir passender zu sein als "megageil":

    #1Author eineing (771776) 22 Mar 23, 19:30

    ... aus dem MW-Link in #1 :



    Definition of bossing

    present participle of boss

    1   as in supervising

    to be in charge of she bossed that project for years, until she was promoted again ...

    #2Author no me bré (700807) 22 Mar 23, 19:49

    2 as in governing

    to exercise authority or power over

    bossed the entire job site for a year

    3 as in commanding

    to serve as leader of

    bossed the entire gang of electricians on the construction project


    Hier auch die restlichen Einträge aus dem MW-Link in #1.

    "Found & Flourish presents Bossing It, the weekly podcast for women in business hosted by entrepreneurs Frankie Cotton and Lara Sheldrake." (Kurzvorstellung des Podcasts auf Spotify)

    Der Sinn ist hier wohl etwas (selbst) bestimmen oder im Griff haben und natürlich Chefin sein.

    #3Author reverend (314585) 22 Mar 23, 20:15

    "Being a boss" is slang for: being cool, being awesome, being admired/feared/in control.

    A more recent development has been the evolution of the term 'girlboss', which means a young woman who is getting what she wants in all domains of life (career, romantic, etc.)

    #4Author Lonelobo (595126)  23 Mar 23, 00:12

    "to boss" hat in der Umgangssprache die Bedeutung "einen Tätigkeitsbereich gut beherrschen", "eine gute Leistung erbringen", der hier gemeint ist (BOSS | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary).

    "girlboss" kommt wohl aus der anderen Richtung (sein eigener Boss sein, sich nicht fremdbestimmen lassen).

    #5AuthorRominara (1294573)  23 Mar 23, 12:59
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