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  • Subject

    den König absetzen


    Der König wurde für verrückt erklärt und abgesetzt.


    welcher von LEOs Vorschlägen passt?

    AuthorMarcBerthe (719078) 18 May 23, 14:03

    to depose, to dethrone


    Court deals decisive blow to deposed Greek royals

    Court deals decisive blow to deposed Greek royals | World news | The Guardian

    #1Author wienergriessler (925617)  18 May 23, 14:10

    Dictionary: unseat wäre wohl noch eine Möglichkeit ...

    Battle of Evesham

    20 Feb 2009 — For a period of time, the barons of England, led by Simon de Montfort, in a civil war unseated the King of England in the late 13th century, ...

    napoleon's reforms

    Commack School District


    For example, he unseated the King of Spain, and placed his own brother Joseph Bonaparte on the throne. Napoleon divorced his first wife, and married a ...

    #2Author no me bré (700807) 18 May 23, 17:03

    The deposed Nepalese king, Gyanendra, today waved farewell to the salmon-pink Narayanhity royal palace in Kathamandu, vowing never to flee the country and denying persistent rumours that he had a hand in the 2001 royal massacre that saw him claim the throne.

    The deposed monarch, who was forced to flee Athens shortly after the seizure of power by a group of army officers in 1967, has stunned Greeks – and most of his relatives in the royal households of Europe – by resettling in the capital where he was born and schooled.

    Thai court dismisses claims ruling party was trying to depose king

    Of the seven Greek monarchs of the 19th and 20th centuries, three were deposed, one assassinated, two abdicated and one died of septicaemia after being bitten by a barbary ape in the royal gardens.


    Depose is the usual word.

    The Guardian has 4,400 results for 'depose' + 'king' and only 515 for 'dethrone' + 'king'. The latter results are often less literal, eg "Should the BPI dethrone Jonathan King?", or "Brazil's king of deforestation dethroned in drive to beat land clearers")

    #3Author papousek (343122) 19 May 23, 12:04

    Schönes Beispiel!

    Jonathan King und alle anderen mit diesem Nachnamen werden dethroned...

    #4Author wienergriessler (925617) 19 May 23, 12:21

    Mitte 18. bis Mitte 19. Jh. war wohl eine schlechte Zeit für Könige :


    #5Author no me bré (700807) 19 May 23, 13:03

    ...ginge vielleicht auch

    #6Author late bird (666148) 20 May 23, 00:12

    Of the various suggestions so far the only one I would use in the OP’s context is “depose”:


    “The king was declared mad and deposed.”

    What hasn’t been suggested so far, and which, I find, could work well here is “remove from the throne”:


    “The king was declared mad and removed from the throne.”


    (Which I ultimately settled on would depend on the surrounding language.)

    #7AuthorBion (1092007)  20 May 23, 15:13

    I agree with Bion and papousek - in the OP's context, "deposed" fits best

    "removed from the throne" would also be possible but "unseated" doesn't work for me. Sounds more like Henry VIII coming off his horse when jousting in 1536.

    #8Author Marianne (BE) (237471)  20 May 23, 16:14

    evtl. "declared insane" anstelle von "mad".

    #9AuthorCape (482504) 20 May 23, 21:02
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