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  • Subject

    schräger Parkplatz


    Das Auto steht bei den schrägen Parkplätzen.

    Ich habe das Auto bei den schrägen Parkplätze abgestellt.

    Gegenteil: paralleler Parkplatz


    Author Marabu (1193457) 24 May 23, 11:34

    Es gibt parallel parking, perpendicular parking und oblique parking, letzteres suchst du.

    I parked near the oblique slots.

    Alternative: angle park

    #1Author penguin (236245)  24 May 23, 11:38
    Suggestionoblique parking

    Types of parking: (a) parallel parking, (b) vertical parking, and (c) oblique parking.

    (mit Abbildung)


    Das schräge Parken ist eindeutig. Die Abbildung zeigt aber, dass wohl Klärungsbedarf beim Begriff des parallelen Parkens besteht.

    edit: oh, zu langsam.

    #2Author reverend (314585)  24 May 23, 11:39
    Suggestiondiagonal parking spaces; angle parking spaces

    Both #1 and #3 quote a paper from Chinese authors and, while "oblique" is descriptive, I think other terms are more commonly used.

    #3Author Marianne (BE) (237471) 24 May 23, 11:50

    Backing into an angled parking space is more difficult than driving forward into a front-in angled space but is still easier than parallel parking.

    An angled parking space is one in which the acute angle formed by the intersection of the long side of the space and the curb is between 45 degrees and 75 ...

    There are two main types of parking bays that you’ll come across when parking your car: perpendicular parking bays and the less-common angled parking bays (also called echelon parking bays) which are helpfully placed at angles to the road.


    also "angled parking," "angled parking space," "angled parking bays," "echelon parking bays"

    #4AuthorBion (1092007) 24 May 23, 11:50

    #3 should read "Both #1 and #2 ..." and I was about to add "angle/angled parking space" but could no longer edit. 

    #5Author Marianne (BE) (237471)  24 May 23, 11:55

    Never heard of echelon parking bays ...

    #6Author penguin (236245) 24 May 23, 11:57


    Sorry, your #3 wasn't there when I checked a second before sending.


    I hadn't either. How common it is I can't say. But it's the RAC site. It seems to be predominantly BE.

    #7AuthorBion (1092007)  24 May 23, 11:58

    Der einschlägige deutsche Ausdruck ist übrigens Schrägparkplatz.

    #8AuthorRominara (1294573) 24 May 23, 15:34
    Der richtige Ausdruck für die Anfrage wäre übrigens "Parknische" gewesen. :-)
    #9Author Harald (dede) [de] (370386) 25 May 23, 09:59

    Oder "Parktasche".

    #10Author reverend (314585) 25 May 23, 10:03
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