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    Da hast du verdammt recht! - You've got damn right!


    Da hast du verdammt recht! - You've got damn right!

    Context/ examples
    I was listening to my old eminem album recently and I realized that he always uses this expression (You've got damn right), or at least I think he does. But isn't the correct way to say this "to be right -> You're damn right!"

    So, did I misunderstand what he sais, is it idioamtic, or is the common version really "You're damn right" and his phrase is just his way of saying this?

    Which one would you use?

    Thank you so much
    SORRY - the 'proposed translation correct' - forum doesn't work!!
    AuthorJudith23 Aug 06, 21:07
    not having heard the song, I would say it's either "you're goddamn right" or "you've got that right."
    #1AuthorKai23 Aug 06, 21:09
    oh wow. Right, I think he sais "you're goddamn right" then. Never thought of that.
    thank you so much, Kai.
    #2AuthorJudith23 Aug 06, 21:13
    Cuz I'm a criminal
    (You goddamn right)
    I'm a criminal
    Yeah, I'm a criminal
    #3AuthorDizzle23 Aug 06, 21:16
    Judith, didn't you mean to say 'he says' . . .
    #4AuthorDaddy 23 Aug 06, 21:18
    Wir führen jetzt die "Rechtschreibreform" ein!

    sais, says .... :-)))))
    #5Authoralles geht23 Aug 06, 21:24
    SORRY - I was distracted. TYPO
    #6AuthorJudith23 Aug 06, 23:46
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