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  • Subject

    Und das von mir!!


    Beispiel: Jemand, der wenig Sinn für Humor hat, lobt eine Sitcom in den höchsten Tönen, nach dem Motto: "Die Serie ist super witzig! Und das von mir!" im Sinne von "Und das sage sogar ich, der ich doch nicht wirklich etwas mit Sitcoms anfangen kann!"


    Any ideas?

    Authorjk1082002 (533515) 25 Sep 23, 22:02

    ...and that's me saying that.

    #1Author reverend (314585) 25 Sep 23, 22:49

    Nein, gemeint ist: Wenn ich das sage, dann will das was heißen!

    #2AuthorRominara (1294573) 25 Sep 23, 23:27

    So habe ich die No, 1 auch verstanden.

    Unmißverständlich: Even I have to admit that ...

    #3Author mbshu (874725) 25 Sep 23, 23:30

    Das spricht doch nicht gegen meinen Vorschlag, es hängt von der Intonation ab, genau wie im Deutschen. #3 passt, hat aber einen anderen Zungenschlag - vgl. das muss sogar ich zugeben.

    Gibt es muttersprachliche Meinungen?

    #4Author reverend (314585) 26 Sep 23, 10:14

    Okay that's a lot of mirror looking and that's me saying that.

    You've had too much. And that's me saying that!

    If there’s a song that has offensive words in it then of course I don’t want to hear that and that’s me saying that as a big Chelsea man who really appreciates the support I’ve had over the years

    More shockingly, I think (stress 'think') that it actually came out ok. And that's me saying that. And I hate everything I'm involved in.

    Alan Cumming on hosting ‘The Traitors’: ‘It’s the campest thing I’ve ever done — and that’s me saying that’

    Visited twice during our 9 day stay and can honestly say these are the best curries we have had in a long time and that’s me saying that and I come from Bradford .

    And that's me saying that as someone who actually likes the game, the timed cosmetics kinda rubs me the wrong way.



    Ich halte die #1 für idiomatisch. Ein paar Beispiele oben. Manchmal kommt danach noch eine Ergänzung, zum Beispiel "that's me saying that as a Chelsea man", aber auch alleinstehend ist klar, was gemeint ist.

    Alternativ "and that's coming from me" oder ganz anders, ein vorangestelltes "I can't believe I'm saying this" oder "I can't believe I - of all people - am saying this".

    #5Author Jalapeño (236154) 26 Sep 23, 10:24

    This is one of those books where you have to read the blurb before you start the novel, and that’s something coming from me because I never read the blurb before the book.

    "I'm not being critical of foreigners, but players' behaviour is different. I know people will say that's something coming from me, but every time they're touched they seem to go down."

    Not any more. Our best players won't develop into great players until those pitches improve and remember, spectators want to see batsmen hit big scores. Batsmen are the craftsmen and bowlers are the labourers in this great game of ours - and that's something coming from me.

    I suppose talking that through means - just relax a bit. You don't have to be perfect. And you know what, that's something coming from me! I'm one of those people that wants 10 out of 10 for everything.

    Used to emphasize that what was just said is of even greater significance than might be assumed because of some underlying aspect or context of what one is discussing.

    My brother could hit me harder than you, and that's saying something, because he's only six years old!

    Even the megacorporation Boogle Inc. is opposed to the new tax proposal, claiming it unfairly benefits the wealthy. Now that's really saying something, considering they'd probably stand to benefit from it more than anyone else.

    This is the most confusing novel I've ever read, and considering I did my master's thesis on Ulysses, that's saying something!

    KNTV is perhaps the most bizarre thing I have ever seen on television, and that's saying something for someone who used to watch Eurotrash

    “I hate them, fucking hate them, I hate them with a fucking passion, more than I hate West Ham football club, and that’s saying something because I hate them bastards, but yeah, I hate them, hate them with a passion.” That’s a whole lot of hate.


    Yes, #1 is fine. There's also:

    ...and that's something, coming from me or

    ...and that's saying something

    #6Author papousek (343122)  26 Sep 23, 11:41

    Primland is nicer than the Broadmoor (and that is saying something)!

    REVIEW: Primland is nicer than the Broadmoor (and that is saying something)! - Primland Resort, Auberge Resorts Collection, Meadows of Dan - Tripadvisor

    That's me saying this now, I don't know if I'd feel the same way in a month or in 10, 20 years.

    Lions: Having a song about you is pretty cool - Furlong |

    But that's me saying it, you are probably best asking him or the people who look after him.

    Ex-Saint's 'awkward' warning for England | Daily Echo


    "And that's saying something" is used in a broader sense (beyond personal attitudes and habits) just as "that's me saying sth." is used to mean other things (see above). So, "coming from me" seems to be the most unambiguous option.

    #7AuthorRominara (1294573) 26 Sep 23, 12:06

    Deine beiden Beispiele für 'me saying' sind nicht vergleichbar. Sowohl "now" als auch "but" ändern die Bedeutung. Die Wendung, um die es hier geht, lautet "And that's me saying that".

    Aber abgesehen davon gibt es Kontext. Ich wüsste nicht, wie man das in der Aussage des OP missverstehen sollte.

    #8Author Gibson (418762) 26 Sep 23, 12:23

    Rominara always knows better!

    Yes, 'that's saying something' can be used in a much broader sense, but IT IS EXACTLY WHAT AN ENGLISH SPEAKER MIGHT SAY in a sentence such as #0. It is idiomatic and natural.

    There are lots of options here. I think 'that's saying something' is probably the most common, but I can imagine an English native speaker saying any of them:

    ...and that's coming from me

    ...and that's me, saying that

    ...and that's saying something

    ...and that's something, coming from me

    #9Author papousek (343122)  26 Sep 23, 12:48

    I agree with all versions thus far.

    A more efficient one: And that from me!

    Quite literal works in this case, in my opinion.

    #10Authorlutefisk (1399130) 26 Sep 23, 13:54

    Könnte auch umgekehrt sein: ein Anglizismus auf Deutsch.

    #11AuthorCazmeron (1242400) 26 Sep 23, 20:39
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