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    Ich war für ein Jahr Au-Pair (Mädchen) in den USA und paßte auf 3 Kinder auf.
    Nanny paßt nicht so richtig.
    Kann ich auch einfach Au-Pair benutzen? Einige Amerikaner haben es auch verstanden.
    AuthorKerrin 21 Jul 02, 21:13
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    au pairdas Au-pair
    au pair girldas Au-pair
    The term "au-pair" is used all over the world. It is widely understood in England. Can't see why Americans should have a problem with it.

    Kerrin, are you familiar with the various search options in Google? Because if you search for "au-pair" and set the search engine to search for pages in English or for pages located in whatever English-speaking country you choose, you should get a fair amount of au-pair-related urls in English. But even if you don't alter any of the google-settings and search for "au-pair" -- google will find you the site of the International au-pair organisation. It's a pretty straightforward search really.
    #1AuthorDoris L21 Jul 02, 22:48
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