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    Studenten feiern ein "Bergfest", wenn die Hälfte ihrer Studienzeit angelaufen ist.
    VerfasserFrank Preusker01 Apr. 03, 13:47
    eine Redewendung für *das Schwerste ist geschafft* ist *if you can get through hump day* (Wednesday)- was sagen Muttersprachler zu hump time?
    #1Verfasserhenri01 Apr. 03, 14:57
    Vorschlag"Through the hard part" or "Over the bridge" or "Celebration of success" [Amer.]
    Now that we are through the hard part, let's have a beer.

    "It's all downhill from here" is possible. But there is a chance that it will be interpreted negatively (a project "going downhill" is a project that is a failing).
    Honestly, I am not aware of any real translation. There are more words for celebration of success at the end of something (including the hard and easy parts).

    But "hump" or "hump time" is problematic. Childish American English uses "hump" as a word for sex or simulated sex - as in "dude, that dog is humping your leg".
    #2VerfasserLeland27 Mär. 07, 14:36
    VorschlagHalf-way party
    or halfway party
    Is just a party for being half way through a project, for example half of the duration working at a trade fair (CeBIT!)
    It has nothing to do with things getting easier or going downhill.
    #3VerfasserAlan (De/US) (236282) 27 Mär. 07, 14:49
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