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  • Subject

    purer Luxus

    Context/ examples
    Sushi zu essen ist für mich purer Luxus.
    oder auch: reinster/ reiner luxus
    Authorjo30 Dec 03, 10:20
    Suggestionsheer extravagance
    #1AuthoryrbyD30 Dec 03, 10:22
    What about pure luxury?
    #2AuthorNicole I.30 Dec 03, 12:10
    Suggestionsheer luxury
    #3AuthorGhol ‹GB›30 Dec 03, 12:13
    Ghol, is pure luxury a collocation that doesn't work at all, or is sheer luxury the more common expression?

    Google hits:

    pure luxury -> 3,450
    sheer luxury -> 1,350

    Just for curiosity.

    #4AuthorNicole I.30 Dec 03, 12:21
    I think both would work. "Pure luxury" sounds a bit like a factual description; "sheer luxury" given the doubled sounds of sh / x sounds more sensual, like a silky-haired cat on a fine silk cloth.
    #5AuthorNancy30 Dec 03, 13:34
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