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  • Subject

    fine ... me

    Context/ examples
    If someone says "Let's meet tomorrow at 12 o'clock in the bar", I've often heard the reply "Fine ... me", but can't remember which preposition to use - "fine withme" or "fine for me" or "fine by me".
    Which one would be correct and/or most common?
    AuthorPoppidirk [de] (236088) 14 Nov 06, 11:29
    Meiner Meinung nach gehen "by" und "with".

    "Fine by me" steht in Leo.
    #1AuthorJalapeño (236154) 14 Nov 06, 11:31

    "that's fine with me" - 392.000 Hits
    "that's fine by me" - 186.000 Hits
    "that's fine for me" - 16.300 Hits
    #2AuthorJalapeño (236154) 14 Nov 06, 11:32
    Suggestionwith me
    I always use the term "fine with me".
    #3AuthorAnja14 Nov 06, 11:32
    Ich habe am häufigsten fine with me von Muttersprachlern gehört, klingt für mich am vertrautesten.
    #4AuthorRumo14 Nov 06, 11:34
    I would say "That's fine by me", but you can use either 'with', 'by' or 'for'. I think Jalapeño's list it pretty representative.
    #5AuthorFury (BE) (236275) 14 Nov 06, 11:36
    As a Brit, I always say 'That's fine by me'.
    #6Authorbluejay(uk) (236423) 14 Nov 06, 11:37
    Ich höre "fine by me" häufiger (Kanada), aber "fine with me" kommt durchaus auch vor. "Fine with me" kenne ich von Muttersprachlern eigentlich gar nicht.
    #7AuthorBirgila/DE (172576) 14 Nov 06, 11:40
    Für mich, nicht E-Muttersprachler, tönt 'fine with me' am vertrautesten. Habe täglich mit E-Muttersprachlern zu tun, wobei das in der Airlinebranche gesprochene Englisch nicht immer räpresentativ ist...
    #8Authorhobbs (241272) 14 Nov 06, 11:50
    I always say "that's fine WITH me"
    I think it is a term often used in the US
    #9Authorcre14 Nov 06, 11:56
    I think you will find a reversal in Jalapeño's order of Google hits for the first two options if you look at "", and from comments above there is obviously a slight AE/BE difference, although both are understood - and that's fine by me, too :-)
    #10AuthorMarianne (BE) (237471) 14 Nov 06, 12:11
    I say "fine with me" but I am Welsh so have a "dialect" and have lived in CH for 13 years, maybe I just can't speak English anymore!
    I think it depends where you come from, Americans seem to say everything differently and there is a big difference north/south and east/west in GB
    #11AuthorElli14 Nov 06, 12:58
    I would use both fine with me and fine by me, probably WITH more often than BY, but I don't think there is a distinct BE/AE difference: different ppl use different things (btw. I would NEVER use "fine for me" in this context)
    #12Authormanja (248376) 14 Nov 06, 13:06

    Mein erster Gedanke war auch, dass es einen AE/BE-Unterschied gibt. In der Tendenz bestätigt sich das auch, allerdings gibt es so wenige .uk-Treffer, dass ich die Daten nicht für repräsentativ halte:

    "that's fine with me" - 521 Hits
    "that's fine by me" - 907 Hits
    "that's fine for me" - 351 Hits

    #13AuthorJalapeño (236154) 14 Nov 06, 13:38

    Ich stimme manja zu, dass "fine for me" in diesem Zusammenhang seltsam ist und vermute, dass ein Großteil der Google-Hits sich auf eine andere Konstruktion/einen anderen Kontext beziehen.
    #14AuthorJalapeño (236154) 14 Nov 06, 13:39
    I just did
    "fine by me" - 47,000
    "fine with me" - 27,100

    It was just gut feeling and has been disproved by manja - who does, of course, come from the other side of the Pennines :-))))
    #15AuthorMarianne (BE)14 Nov 06, 14:55
    :-) tha'as to learn to speyk proper, tha does, lass
    #16Authormanja (248376) 14 Nov 06, 15:28
    al'reet, lad, appen amust ;-)
    #17AuthorMarianne (BE)14 Nov 06, 15:57
    I'm a native speaker and I'd always say "fine with me", but I think it's a term used in the US not in the UK
    #18AuthorBella06 (803928) 29 Jun 11, 15:59
    Ich weiß, dass dies ein sehr alter Faden ist und dass meine Frage auch eher ins Sprachlabor gehört. Andererseits passt sie hier aber auch gut rein, also stelle ich sie hier:

    Oben werden "fine with me", "fine by me" und "fine for me" diskutiert, aber ich habe gerade eine email mit "That's fine to me" erhalten. Absender ist AE-Muttersprachler (zurzeit in Utah, aber ich kenne die volle Biographie nicht ;-) ). Ist das nur ein Flüchtigkeitsfehler oder ist "Fine to me" zumindest regional akzeptabel? Es gibt auch viele Google-Fundstellen, aber ich habe mir nicht die Zeit genommen, die zu analysieren.
    #19Authorharambee (91833) 15 Nov 12, 12:13
    Für mich als BE-gewöhnte klingt "Fine to me" ganz und gar nicht fein.
    #20AuthorLady Grey (235863) 15 Nov 12, 12:17
    Immerhin scheint die einem Kulturbanausen wie mir völlig unbekannte Gruppe "Minster Hill" aus BASKING RIDGE, New Jersey, US ein Stück mit dem Titel "That's fine to me" aufgenommen zu haben. Der Absender meiner email hat aber meines Wissens nichts mit denen zu tun ;-)
    #21Authorharambee (91833) 15 Nov 12, 12:23
    It might come down to context -- for example, you would say "that report looks fine to me" or "that decision sounds fine to me". So perhaps it refers to an earlier sentence? Even then, I would expect a "sounds fine to me" or "looks fine to me" rather than "that's".

    But perhaps someone will confirm that this is also acceptable regional usage!

    [Similarly, sometimes "fine for me" will also be appropriate in context, hence the google results. Do you want another portion? / No, thank you, that's fine for me.]

    As for the 'with' vs 'by' discussion, I (BE) would say "fine by me".
    #22Authorpapousek (343122) 15 Nov 12, 12:27
    papousek was quicker :-)) Confirm "sounds/looks fine to me" - but otherwise: fine with/by me.
    #23AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 15 Nov 12, 12:29
    15 used to say who has a particular attitude or opinion about something:
    The whole thing sounds very suspicious to me.
    Tickets cost £10 each and to some people that's a lot of money.
    To my mind, age does not matter; love is what matters.

    that's fine by me/that's fine with me etc spoken (=used when saying that you do not mind about something)
    If Scott wanted to keep his life secret, that was fine by her.
    I'd say that 'X is fine by/with me' is a set phrase meaning 'I am not bothered by X', 'I am happy with X'.

    'That's fine to me' sounds more unusual. It's not a set phrase. I would understand it as using 'to' as in LDOCE's meaning 15: describing who has an opinion about something, as in 'To me, it seems fine, though to someone else it might seem terrible.' As papousek says, though, that's more normally used with 'That seems/sounds...'.
    #24AuthorCM2DD (236324) 15 Nov 12, 12:34
    agree with 22-24, I assumed it referred to the preceding sentence.
    #25Authormikefm (760309) 15 Nov 12, 12:36
    Danke für die schnellen Antworten. Somit nehme ich mal an, dass der Absender meiner email sich einfach verschrieben hat. Verstanden habe ich ihn ja trotzdem. :-)
    #26Authorharambee (91833) 15 Nov 12, 12:51
    Also agree with 22-24. I (AE) say either "fine with/by me", with a tendency toward "fine with". "That seems/sounds fine to me" works; "that's fine to me" is a bit off.
    #27AuthorAmy-MiMi (236989) 15 Nov 12, 19:22
    I would say: "Suits me fine". Would that cover both AE and BE ?
    #28AuthorJust Lynn (307973) 16 Nov 12, 07:51
    SCNR: Maso to cop: "Fine me!"
    #29Authorwor (335727) 16 Nov 12, 08:18
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