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    R.R. findet sich bei US-Amerikanischen und auch kanadischen Adressen als Zusatz wie z.B. PO Box, jedoch hab ich keine Ahnung, was das erstens im Englischen bedeutet und was es im Deutschen für eine Übersetzung haben könnte. Es sind also am besten amerikanische Muttersprachler gefragt!!!
    Authormalle (252252) 07 Dec 06, 15:17
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    region of rejection [abbr.: RR] [MATH.]kritische Region   [Statistics]
    rejection region [abbr.: RR] [MATH.]kritische Region   [Statistics]
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    Suggestionrural route
    Wow! That takes me back. Where I grew up they did away with that, because now all houses have to have addresses so that the fire trucks and ambulances know where to go. Before, there were unnamed farm roads and unnumbered houses, and if you wanted to visit a friend you had to know how to get there. The rural route number designated which postal worker's bag the letter went into - then he or she knew where all the people on the route lived, even without house numbers.
    #1Authorgirly-girl<us>07 Dec 06, 15:21
    Thanks very much, those are the problems Germans are confronted with!!!
    #2Authormalle (252252) 07 Dec 06, 15:49
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