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  • Subject

    jmd. hindern, etw. zu tun

    Context/ examples
    Niemand kann mich daran hindern, zu tanzen!

    wäre echt nett, wenn mir das jemand korrekt übersetzen könnte =)
    AuthorLynn07 Jan 07, 13:00
    SuggestionNobody can prevent me from dancing
    #1AuthorDancing Queen07 Jan 07, 13:13
    No one can stop me dancing.

    This sounds more natural to my native (British) ears.
    #2AuthorMini Cooper (236699) 07 Jan 07, 13:15
    I (BE) agree with Mini Cooper that the prevent me sentence is a bit formal although perfectly correct (and who knows, maybe formality is required here ...).

    But I would add a "from": "No one can stop me from dancing."

    "No one can stop me dancing" surely has two meanings, one of which aint included in "Niemand kann mich daran hindern, zu tanzen."
    #3AuthorPhilip07 Jan 07, 13:20
    SuggestionNobody can stop me dancing
    this is also correct i think
    #4AuthorKitty07 Jan 07, 14:13
    @ Kitty:

    Yes, whether you say no one or nobody it is all the same. But your sentence is also ambiguous. It means a) "Niemand kann mich daran hindern, zu tanzen", b) (eher lustig, oder vielleicht traurig je nach Qualität des Tanzes) "Wenn ich tanze, kann mich niemand zum Aufhören bringen".

    #5AuthorPhilip07 Jan 07, 15:41
    I think the best translation would be, "Nobody can keep me from dancing".
    #6AuthorTodd (275243) 07 Jan 07, 15:44
    @ Todd: Fine with me too.
    #7AuthorPhilip07 Jan 07, 15:46
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