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    unter Berücksichtigung der Wartezeit


    unter Berücksichtigung der Wartezeit

    Context/ examples
    Dies ist, unter Berücksichtigung der üblichen Wartezeit, der letzt mögliche Termin
    AuthorHolger12 Jan 07, 14:00
    Which word can't you find a suitable translation for in the dictionary? They're all listed.
    #1AuthorRed Red Robin <GB> (236329) 12 Jan 07, 14:01
    I am not sure, which one of the listed words fits most perfect.
    I think, that 'In consideration of the waiting time' will do best,
    but 'Having regard to the waiting time' sounds also good for me.

    Do native speakers use both in the way I need them, or is one way better than the other?
    #2AuthorHolger12 Jan 07, 14:22
    'in consideration of' and 'having regard to' both sound very formal and are the sort of phrases that IMHO you are most likely to find in contracts or official reports written by civil servants.

    I would suggest that what you want here is 'taking into account'.
    #3AuthorRed Red Robin <GB> (236329) 12 Jan 07, 14:33
    Thank you very much, that's what I needed
    #4AuthorHolger12 Jan 07, 14:37
    Considering the usual waiting period this is (would be) the latest possible date.

    Oder, RRRobin folgend:

    Taking into account the usual waiting period this ...
    #5AuthorSly (260013) 12 Jan 07, 14:38
    SuggestionUnter Berücksichtigung: Allowing for
    This is a phrasal verb. I know this, because I'm studying English.
    #6AuthorMimi12 Jan 07, 14:47
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