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  • Subject

    to take up slack

    Context/ examples
    to take up slack (american english)
    Is there such a thing in German?
    AuthorRob Waters01 Sep 06, 21:52
    ...'die Leinen lösen', 'Fahrt aufnehmen'??? Sind alles nur Vermutungen, kenn' den Begriff nicht...
    #1AuthorBubi01 Sep 06, 21:56
    da gibt's viele Uebersetzungen dafuer. Kontext waere wichtig.

    koennte soviel sein wie "wettmachen fuer..."
    #2AuthorKai01 Sep 06, 22:00
    Suggestionaufholen, nacharbeiten
    #3Authorrosacanina CH, lives in US01 Sep 06, 22:36
    I was only familair with the expression "pick up (the) slack", but according to thefreedictionary, both pick/take are possible.
    In either case it's an idiomatic expression and means to do the work that someone else should have done already.
    #4Authorbike_helmut01 Sep 06, 22:37
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