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  • Subject


    "Die Adresse, an die Sie die Briefe und Lebensdokumente senden können, lautet:"

    I understand roughly what it means (biographical documents) but I was wondering if there was a more elegant way of saying it in English.
    Author pfarrer83919 (292595) 13 Feb 07, 19:41
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
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    You may send the letters and vital documents to the following address:
    #1Author Helmi (U.S.) (236620) 13 Feb 07, 20:00
    Helmi, I'm sorry to say that 'Lebensdokumente' does not convey the sense of "vital = essential, indispensable" in German, it's just, as pfarrer said, biographical documents. Or am I missing a notion of 'vital' as "belonging to someone's vita"?
    #2Author Peter <de> (236455) 13 Feb 07, 20:15
    Hi Peter, in this case it's derived from "vitae" as in "lebenswichtige Dokumente"= vitally important documents.
    #3Author Helmi (U.S.) (236620) 13 Feb 07, 20:24
    Helmi, I don't quite get what you mean by "this case"

    Lebensdokumente = biographical documents = documents belonging to the vita. OK? Can those be called "vital documents" in English?
    As I've understood 'vital' up to now, it's in the sense of
    lebenswichtige Dokumente = vitally important d.
    (as you were saying)

    Sorry for being so stubborn (should I have written 'German'? ;-)) )
    #4Author Peter <de> (236455) 13 Feb 07, 20:37
    Suggestionpersonal papers
    As a collective term I can't really think of an English word as specific as Lebensdokumente.
    I'd have to be more on Peter's side here though. "Vital" documents to my knowledge, doesn't exist. It sounds quite dramatic and like something my girlfriend from Mainz would say when she speaks English.
    #5AuthorAl (UK)13 Feb 07, 20:42
    @ Peter, I just wanted to make that fine distinction between the ubiquitous "essential" and that "lebens-soandso" = vital.
    #6Author Helmi (U.S.) (236620) 13 Feb 07, 20:44
    OK, Helmi, I've got it now. Yet, 'Lebensdokumente' just expresses "the documents of one's life", there may be a lot of trivia among them, though some of them might be vital, indeed.
    #7Author Peter <de> (236455) 13 Feb 07, 20:53
    Wo kommt denn dieser Ausdruck her? Ich habe "Lebensdokumente" in meinem ganzen Leben noch nicht gehört? Das hat sich doch irgendein Technokrat in einem Amt ausgedacht!

    Helmi ist auch prompt in die Irre geführt worden. Dass das mit Biografie zu tun hat, ist auch reine Vermutung. pfarrer39989, kannst du vielleicht den Zusammenhang erhellen?
    #8AuthorGooglequeen14 Feb 07, 09:30
    Aber Googlequeen, wenn Du nur googeln würdest ...: Da strotz das Web vor lauter Lebensdokumente!
    #9AuthorPhillipp14 Feb 07, 09:35
    Aber Phillipp, das hat doch nichts zu besagen. Weißt du, wieviel falsches Deutsch im Internet kursiert? Google mal nach "anbetrifft"!

    Das Wort "Lebensdokumente" kommt im Duden nicht vor. Und im Internet weiß offenbar auch niemand so recht, was es bedeuten soll. Da ist von "fotografischen Lebensdokumenten" die Rede, dann wiederum von Briefen und Schriftstücken, ein andermal von Ausweisen usw.
    #10AuthorGooglequeen14 Feb 07, 09:47
    Suggestionpersonal papers [fam.][Amer.]
    Personal papers.
    Records of a nonofficial or private nature that relate to an individual's affairs or to the collecting activity of an individual. Papers or collections from individuals are subject to the person's disposition and access instructions.
    I know I am very late here, but I was also looking for the term relating to the documents from an artist that will be included in an exhibition to offer insight into his personal life.

    I have to agree with AI on this one... personal papers seems best in my case at least.

    to Helmi and the whole vital documents discussion, my personal understanding of vital documents would be birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, all the things that are needed to prove my identity and existence to government offices etc...
    #11Authortock US26 Mar 10, 18:59
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