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  • Subject

    regierungsstellende Schicht

    Weiße Mittelklassemänner, die der klassisch regierungsstellende Schicht angehören, ...
    Ich muss einen Artikel in der Schule schreiben und bräuchte dafür ganz dringen eine Übersetzung dieses Ausdrucks. Hoffe, dass mir jemand helfen kann.
    Schon mal Danke im Vorraus
    AuthorSteffff14 Feb 07, 02:01
    Suggestion,,,,who belong to the class of society which provides the government
    #1Author Werner (236488) 14 Feb 07, 02:17
    "White, middleclass men who belong to the classic layer that goes into governmental service."

    Mehrere Übersetzungen sind möglich; "regierungsstellend" kann man nicht so direkt in Englisch wiedergeben.
    #2Author Bob C. (254583) 14 Feb 07, 03:12
    white, middleclass men from a/the level of society that traditionally fills government posts
    #3Authordude14 Feb 07, 03:41
    Right. Or: " . . . the layer from which the government draws employees."
    #4Author Bob C. (254583) 14 Feb 07, 23:12
    Suggestionfrom the typical social class that makes politicians
    #5AuthorAl14 Feb 07, 23:17
    Al, that's getting away from what the German that we have before us.
    #6Author Bob C. (254583) 15 Feb 07, 00:50
    geht ganz schlicht und einfach:

    the governing class.
    #7Author Todd (275243) 15 Feb 07, 00:55
    Suggestionthe governing class
    Wow, I think Todd has it. Being far too British for even my liking, I was going to suggest something to do with public schools and even old school ties. Thank you, Todd, for saving me from the propagation of something that [one fills in one's own ending].
    #8AuthorSally15 Feb 07, 01:13
    I don't think that white, middleclass men represent the governing class; certainly in the US they tend to come from upper-middle to upper class backgrounds. But perhaps we're not talking about the US here...
    #9Author dude (253248) 15 Feb 07, 02:44
    @ Bob.C: it was a little clumsy - I admit. Despite that, I disagree. And Schicht doesn't have anything to do with layers here, unless the men in question have 3 t-shirts on.

    @ Todd: You've nailed it with that one!
    #10AuthorAl15 Feb 07, 02:53
    I think dude is probably right. It does not appear the author is referring to a governing class.

    Rather, the reference seems to be to a layer of the middle class that regularly supplies either functionaries to fill government posts -- so regularly that it is "classic."

    This is a classic case of requiring more context.
    #11Author Bob C. (254583) 15 Feb 07, 13:00
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