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  • Subject

    einziehen (Creme)

    Die Creme/Salbe zieht schnell ein./Die Creme/Salbe zieht schlecht ein.
    None of the translations for "einziehen" in LEO seems to fit here - how do you say this in English? This is more of a curious private question than a professional one - I was wondering last night because my body lotion didn't "einziehen" again ;-)
    AuthorHermione22 Feb 07, 15:02
    Suggestionsoak in
    at least, I think that is what you mean :)
    #1AuthorMSeybert (239327) 22 Feb 07, 15:08
    #2AuthorRiKo22 Feb 07, 15:09
    For example....

    "the cream didn't soak into my skin very well again last night"
    #3AuthorMSeybert (239327) 22 Feb 07, 15:09
    Maybe it's just me, but "soak in" sounds very slightly strange to me. I'd go for absorb - The cream is (not) quickly absorbed (by the skin)
    #4Author.BE Native22 Feb 07, 15:14
    .BE Native
    That's what I thought - "soak in" sounds a bit strange with cream - but isn't "absorb" a bit too posh? To me, it sounds too educated for "everyday usage", like saying purchase when you mean buy. Or is that just my individual perception?
    #5AuthorHermione22 Feb 07, 15:25
    Hermione, I'd say I'm anything but posh ;-) I wouldn't say absorb is posh at all.
    #6Author.BE Native22 Feb 07, 15:30
    Im englischen Teil der *Bedienungsanleitung* der Fußcreme, die ich heute in der Mittagspause gekauft habe, weswegen ich gerade darin nachlesen konnte, heißt es auch ... and is quickly absorbed ...
    #7AuthorRiKo22 Feb 07, 15:30
    Support "absorb", RiKo and her? link, and of course .BE Native. :-)
    #8Authorwpr (236109) 22 Feb 07, 15:33
    Suggestionzieht schlecht ein - sticky (infml)
    "I find this body lotion a bit sticky" is what you might say when comparing cosmetic tips with a friend.

    Agree that absorb is the "correct" word, by the way.
    #9AuthorA. Roddick22 Feb 07, 15:44
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