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  • Subject

    Holla die Waldfee!

    Ausruf des Erstaunens / der Anerkennung einer Leistung oder Besonderheit, bei eventueller gleichzeitiger subtiler Andeutung, dass der Sachverhalt nicht sehr wichtig oder sogar lächerlich ist.

    Inspiriert vom perfekten Dinner, wüßte ich jetzt doch gerne mal, ob es im Englischen ähnliche lustige (ironische) Respektsbezeugungen gibt?
    AuthorSannsche10 Mar 07, 13:59
    SuggestionHoly Toledo!
    Holy Toledo
    12 up, 4 down

    Most likely first used in the early 1900s, either refers to a sarcastic remark about Toledo, Ohio or originated from a realistic remark of the Holy city of Toledo, Spain. It is now used as a phrase, by Americans, if something is unbelievable, disturbing, or blows their mind
    And many more to come.
    #1Author Werner (236488) 10 Mar 07, 14:25
    Da gibt's vieles, das, je nachdem, wie man's ausspricht, leichten Sarkasmus oder echtes Erstaunen andeuten kann. Hier nur ein paar Beispiele:

    Would you look at that!
    Ain't that something!
    You don't say!
    Well, I'll be!
    I'll be a monkey's uncle!
    Holy cow!
    Ain't this a kick in the head!
    #2Author dude (253248) 10 Mar 07, 17:05
    "I'll be a monkey's uncle!" (old-fashioned)

    Something that you say when you are very surprised:

    "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. I never thought Bill would remarry."

    Really old-fashioned?
    #3Author Reinhard W. (237443) 10 Mar 07, 19:32
    SuggestionHoly moly !
    #4AuthorThomasH11 Mar 07, 21:14
    [Q] From Lee Daniel Quinn in the USA: “I thought the question was an easy one — where does the term holy smoke come from? It may be an Americanism because I have heard it all my life. Any ideas?” [...]
    It seems more likely that holy smoke was invented anew as a mock-religious exclamation and mild oath on the model of the older holy Moses (from the 1850s), and holy terror and Holy Joe (both from the 1880s). In turn these probably served as the model for others of similar type that came later, such as holy cow from the early 1940s.
    "Holy smoke!"
    #5AuthorNorbert Juffa (unplugged)11 Mar 07, 21:22
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