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    Authorninelive17 Mar 07, 22:43

    For years, I’ve called it banga stick or oborunbebe, as learned from the interwebs. All attempts to find the botanical name drawing blanks. But ……………. finally, finally, finally, the mystery of one of two spices / roots whose names I couldn’t decode hiterto [recte hitherto] is solved, in part. …………... I know liquorice. This is definitely liquorice. (


    Interweb or "the Interweb" is a colloquial term for the World Wide Web or Internet. This term, which combines the two formal names for today's global network of computers and servers, is often thought of as a slightly sarcastic reference to the Internet, implicating those who do not understand how it works. (

    #1Authorwaltez (604473) 09 Aug 22, 23:31

    FWIW, der zweite Link aus #1 nochmal komplett :


    #2Authorno me bré (700807) 10 Aug 22, 09:00

    Ich kenne es eigentlich nur ironisch gebraucht und im Plural.

    Blend of Internet +‎ web (“World Wide Web”)

    1. (Internet slang, humorous, often plural) The Internet.

    Usage notes

    Typically used in a jocular or sarcastic manner by more experienced Internet users,...

    #3Authortelly (520167) 10 Aug 22, 09:26

    Ironisch auf Deutsch im Singular. das Internetz.

    #4AuthorDr. Dark (658186) 10 Aug 22, 10:33

    Oder Datenautobahn, so wie im folgenden Witz:

    Interview im Bundeskanzleramt: Presse: "Was halten sie von der Datenautobahn, Herr Bundeskanzler?" Helmut Kohl: "Da fragen sie am besten meinen Verkehrsminister!"

    #5Authormbshu (874725) 10 Aug 22, 10:56
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