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    Schadenfreude gegenüber jemandem empfinden


    Schadenfreude gegenüber jemandem empfinden

    Er grinste fies, weil er Schadenfreude ihm gegenüber empfand.
    He grinned wickedly because he...??

    Also, zumindest haben wir schonmal rausgefunden, dass Schadenfreude = schadenfreude ist =)
    AuthorThe Facharbeit-Writers22 Apr 07, 13:42
    SuggestionHe gave a malicious smirk, out of schadenfreude towards him.
    This would be my suggestion. It is true that schadenfreude is a concept in English too! But the audience is important - not everyone would know the word.
    #1AuthorSammy UK (237555) 22 Apr 07, 13:54
    It's our English teacher so we think she will understand it. If she doesn't believes it, she will look it up in a dictionary, and well.. It's right, so why don't write it?
    #2AuthorThe Facharbeit-Writers22 Apr 07, 14:00
    Oh yes - she should understand it, shouldn't she!!!

    I didn't know if anyone would have disagreed with me, but to experience/feel schadenfreude did not seem to me the right English, even if it is a more literal translation.
    #3AuthorSammy UK (237555) 22 Apr 07, 14:04
    @Sammy UK - I can't quite go conform with your suggestion.
    Schadenfreude is like Freude = joy (noun). So if we take the sentence: he smiled out of joy towards him - it sounds strange, I think. He smiled, feeling joy towards him - sounds better (not an elegant example, I admit, but serves the purpose) so let's go to "Schadenfreude"

    He gave a malicious smirk, feeling schadenfreude towards him.

    At least "a feeling of schadenfreude"

    What do think?
    #4Authorsuziq (315879) 22 Apr 07, 14:07
    Suggestionhow arbout
    she gave me that gloating smirk/smile?
    #5AuthorWundertuete72 (299296) 22 Apr 07, 14:19
    @wundertüte - "gloating" hört sich gut an "smirk" auch aber ich würde auf jedem Fall "that" weglassen - es deutet an, dass es einen bestimmten (allzu bekannten?) Gesichtsausdruck sei. Im Text war es nur EIN Lächeln.
    ...a non-gloating smile for you :)
    #6Authorsuziq (315879) 22 Apr 07, 14:25
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