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    to rejig

    Gordon Brown may rejig departments in making science a top priority,
    Put into a new order or arrangement = neu ordnen ?
    Verfasserw19 Jun. 07, 18:46
    3 Google hits, only one context (see above). This word may have been borrowed from a language other than English.
    #1VerfasserClaus19 Jun. 07, 21:08

    this site has 'umrüsten' which fits the context.
    i've personally never heard the word before and would have understood it to mean 'juggle around' or something, also umstellen oder neu ordnen wie Sie vorgeschlagen haben.
    #2Verfasserschwänzer (316066) 19 Jun. 07, 21:16
    Vorschlagneu (an)ordnen
    re·jig·ger (r-jgr)
    tr.v. re·jig·gered, re·jig·ger·ing, re·jig·gers Informal
    To readjust or rearrange.

    re·jig (r-jg)
    tr.v. re·jigged, re·jig·ging, re·jigs Informal
    To rejigger

    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2003. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
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    #3Verfassergooglequeen (295030) 19 Jun. 07, 23:26
    siehe "jig" - das steht schon im LEO.
    "To rejig" heisst schlicht "Werkzeugwechsel".
    "neu besetzen" dürfte hier wohl am besten passen.
    #4Verfasser Ben (.ch) (320541) 19 Jun. 07, 23:50
    a series of measures to . . . rejig the monetary system” (Christian Science Monitor).
    to rejig = umgestalten
    #5Verfasserw20 Jun. 07, 08:08
    Vorschlagumgestalten, neu regeln
    The government should impose a way ro rejig the terms of securitised mortgages.

    (Economist, 25th oct 2008, p. 82)
    #6VerfasserTaskila 29 Okt. 08, 16:20
    Vorschlagrejig sth. = etw. drastisch umstellen, etw. umkrempeln
    John Chambers, the chief executive of Cisco Systems, announced this week that the company would be rejigging its operations in its most important markets. According to the Financial Times, employees at Cisco received an email from Chambers in which he signalled that a major shake-up of the company would be carried out. The email was sent out after the company had experienced two disappointing quarters.

    A rejig is a reorganization. If you rejig a company, a plan or a project, you organize it differently in order to improve it. (business spotlight, quiz: april 6, 2011)
    #7Verfasserquizzer12 Apr. 11, 09:17
    Vielleicht spielt das Wort auch -in diesem konkreten Kontext- auf das Neuordnen von Puzzleteilen (jigsaw puzzle !) an; inhaltlich würde das ja in etwa passen.
    #8Verfasser weißnix (236288) 12 Apr. 11, 09:19

    Hier nur ein weiteres Beispiel, in dem das Wort "rejig" (dieses Mal als Substantiv) verwendet wird:

    There were no immediate indications this proposal could gain traction yet, even though other African leaders have often admitted the continental bloc needs a rejig.

    (Quelle https://nation.africa/africa/news/president-r... )

    #9Verfasser harambee (91833) 09 Jun. 23, 11:14



    verb [ T ] UK informalUK  /ˌriːˈdʒɪɡ/ US  /ˌriːˈdʒɪɡ/-gg- (US usually rejigger)

    Add to word list 

    to change and improve the arrangement of something:

    We'll have to rejig the shed in order to get the extra chairs in.


    rejig verb /ˌriːˈdʒɪɡ/


    (British English)

    (US English rejigger  /ˌriːˈdʒɪɡə(r)/  /ˌriːˈdʒɪɡər/)


    ​rejig something to make changes to something; to arrange something in a different way





    Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense rejigs, present participle rejigging, past tense, past participle rejigged


    If someone rejigs an organization or a piece of work, they arrange or organize it in a different way, in order to improve it.


    ...adjustments needed to rejig the industry. [VERB noun] 


    in AM, use rejigger

    Synonyms: rearrangealtermassagemanipulate  




    re·​jig·​ger (ˌ)rē-ˈji-gər 

    rejiggered; rejiggering; rejiggers

    Synonyms of rejigger

    transitive verb



    2. transitive. To rearrange, refashion, or alter, esp. so as to make better or to adapt for a particular purpose (originally and frequently in technical contexts); to refit or re-equip; to mend, fix.

    1948   Daily Express 22 Apr. 1/6  Britain will send experts to help rejig French factories.

    1958   Spectator 2 May 558/1  To alter the period of the action [of Twelfth Night], to rejig the entrances and exits of the characters..is really a kind of forgery.

    1976   A. White Long Silence iv. 34  Three [weeks]..he spent with Jean Duclerc, helping re-jig the wireless.

    1996   Times 13 Nov. 38/4  The piece has now been much rejigged and, in my view, significantly improved.

    2003   N.Y. Rev. Bks. 18 Dec. 81/3  A little later, Rickman..rejigged his presentation somewhat, in a book that came to be known as Rickman's Gothic Architecture.


    I am very amused that someone mistook 'rejig' as a loanword from a foreign language (#1), it's such a common word in BE (and far more common than the base verb to jig) that it just looks incredibly English to me... But I can see that if you don't mentally insert the hyphen between the syllables - eg re-jig - it does look like a funny combination of letters in English.

    Anyway, there is no good reason for this not to be in Leo so I will start a New Entry.

    #10Verfasser papousek (343122) 09 Jun. 23, 12:21

    New entry here Siehe auch: to rejig - neu ordnen

    I'll do one for the noun, too.

    #11Verfasser papousek (343122) 09 Jun. 23, 12:30

    re #10, das war promt ... (Rest editiert)


    #12Verfasser no me bré (700807)  09 Jun. 23, 12:38

    Well fortunately I'd already done the dictionary research for #10 so I could just copy and paste!

    #13Verfasser papousek (343122) 09 Jun. 23, 12:40

    ...weil ich heute Spendierhosen anhab:

    #12 ... prompt ... 🤓

    #14Verfasser Analphabet (1034545) 09 Jun. 23, 15:40

    Was bedeutet denn "gettin' jiggy with it" (Lied von Will Smith).

    Hat das was mit dem Thema hier zu tun?

    (Es gibt dazu ein paar Threads im Forum, aber alle nicht sehr vertrauenserweckend.)

    #15Verfasserhansmartin (817546) 09 Jun. 23, 17:32
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt