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  • Subject

    booster seat

    Context/ examples
    The little girl was shrinking back against a booster seat.

    Es wäre toll, wenn mir hier jemand helfen könnte! Danke! LG Anita
    AuthorAnita16 Jan 05, 17:48
    Schau Dir das Bild an. Ist für Kinder bis 7 oder 8 Jahre, d.h. bis der Sicherheitsgurt benutzt werden kann.
    Keine Ahnung, wie das auf deutsch heißt.
    #1AuthorWerner16 Jan 05, 17:58
    SuggestionKindersitz (im Auto)
    Every child needs to be in a booster seat until the seat belt fits right.
    Typically, seat belts fit when a child is:
    at least 4'9" tall
    about 8 years old
    about 80 pounds
    #2AuthorUwe16 Jan 05, 18:00
    Super, vielen Dank! Hat mir jedenfalls schon um einiges weitergeholfen! Viele Grüße
    #3AuthorAnita16 Jan 05, 18:02
    There is a slight distinction between a car seat and a booster seat (in the US). Babies and kids under 8 sit in car seats. Car seats come with their own restrainer belts into which the child is buckled. The seat itself is secured to the car with the car's seat belt. With a booster seat the car's seat belt is used to secure the child. The booster seat just "boosts" the child's height.

    I have no idea if a Kindersitz can be both, a car seat AND a booster seat.
    #4AuthorCM-B16 Jan 05, 20:19
    It's a Sitzerhöhung / Sitzerhöher, which is also the word for the thing you put on top of normal chairs to make them high enough for children at the dinner table.
    #5AuthorArchfarchnad -gb-16 Jan 05, 21:12
    I need to correct what I just said:

    Car seats are for children who weigh less than 40 pounds.
    Booster seats are for children who weigh 40 - 80 pounds.

    I should know better - I have kids!
    #6AuthorCM-B16 Jan 05, 22:09
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