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  • Subject


    Lichthof (architektonischer Begriff)
    Can´t find the right translation

    patio, areaway and halation aren´t that good.

    AuthorGisela10 Jul 07, 15:35
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    halationder Lichthof  pl.: die Lichthöfe
    areawayder Lichthof  pl.: die Lichthöfe
    halo [COMP.]der Lichthof  pl.: die Lichthöfe
    corona [ASTR.]der Lichthof  pl.: die Lichthöfe
    halo [ELEC.]der Reflexions-Lichthof
    #1Author dude (253248) 10 Jul 07, 15:37
    #2AuthorMiM (339570) 10 Jul 07, 15:41
    Suggestionlight shaft or light well
    "Lichthof" is sometimes a synonym for "Lichtschacht."
    #3Author Helmi (U.S.) (236620) 10 Jul 07, 15:42
    Helmi: a Hof is a Schacht?
    #4Author dude (253248) 10 Jul 07, 15:43
    Yeah, you're right. However, a Lichtschacht is somewhat narrower than a Lichthof. What's wrong with atrium or patio?
    #5AuthorMiM (339570) 10 Jul 07, 15:44
    According to Wikipedia, ein Lichthof ist ein umbauter Hof (mit oder ohne Überdachung). Ich würde das als inner courtyard bezeichnen.
    #6Authorwitch (unplugged)10 Jul 07, 15:54
    @ dude, what the hell do I know. My building construction dict. says: Lichthof, see under Lichtschacht, and that's what I did. It all depends on the design. The nearest would be atrium, definitely not patio.
    #7Author Helmi (U.S.) (236620) 10 Jul 07, 15:56
    An inner courtyard of a home or other building that is open to the sky or covered by a skylight.
    @witch: if you google "define:atrium," the above is what you get (among others).
    #8Author dude (253248) 10 Jul 07, 15:59
    Helmi, the term 'Lichthof' comes closer to 'patio' than to 'Lichtschacht'. A Lichtschacht normally has only 2m in diameter. In a Lichthof you can have chairs and a table, like in a patio. But I'd prefer 'atrium' anyway.
    #9AuthorMiM (339570) 10 Jul 07, 16:04
    @MiM: but a patio can have a roof; it's simply a designated area behind or next to the house that's like another room without any walls, other than the fence around your property. :-)
    #10Author dude (253248) 10 Jul 07, 16:06
    Maybe the meaning of the AE term 'patio' differs from that of the Spanish term 'patio'. So why not agree to 'atrium' to give Gisela an answer?
    #11AuthorMiM (339570) 10 Jul 07, 16:08
    MiM: that's what I said in the first place. :-)
    #12Author dude (253248) 10 Jul 07, 16:09
    Und wer recht hat, zahlt a Maß! :-)
    #13AuthorMiM (339570) 10 Jul 07, 16:10
    MiM: Okay, come on over!
    #14Author dude (253248) 10 Jul 07, 16:11
    *leeren Maßkrug zu dude zum Nachfüllen rüberschieb*
    #15AuthorMiM (339570) 10 Jul 07, 16:12
    MasskrugauffüllundzuMiMzurückschieb: Prost, dann! :-)
    #16Author dude (253248) 10 Jul 07, 16:15
    Danke, dude! Zum Wohl! Hat sich doch gelohnt der Faden. :-)
    #17AuthorMiM (339570) 10 Jul 07, 16:19
    Suggestionlight shaft (also:air shaft)
    Helmi was right here in #3. Perhaps there is an Austrian/German difference here, but the "Lichthöfe" you find here in Vienna are definitely not places where you could park your table and chair and sit and drink coffee! They are only about 2x2 metres and go all the way up the inside of the building - from the cellar to the roof - with windows (esp. toilet and bathroom) from various flats on all sides. If you are lucky there is a net over the top of the "Lichthof" to keep the pigeons out.

    Im Erdgeschoß ist "Licht" hier auch ein relativer Begriff!

    The only sensible suggestion for this meaning seems to be "light shaft". Perhaps it could also be called "air shaft" since this is actually its principle purpose (esp. on the lower floors, as in previous comment.)
    #18AuthorMary nz/a (431018) 04 May 08, 21:27
    @Mary - congrats! Being a born Viennese, I couldn't have explained it better.

    But folks, how'd you call this

    (- belonging to that: )

    - an atrium? Really?
    On the other hand, just a(n) light/air shaft or well?
    #19Author joeditt (360029) 03 Oct 09, 16:10
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