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  • Subject

    langer Atem

    der Widerstand war so groß, dass es eines sehr langen Atems bedrufte, um das Projekt umzusetzen
    Authormungos (290187) 30 Aug 07, 09:27
    Opposition was so fierce that it took quite some perseverance to implement the project.
    #1Author sagittarius (254521) 30 Aug 07, 09:36
    Suggestionstamina or patience
    #2Authorspinatwachtel30 Aug 07, 09:39

    gibt es auch einen ähnlich bildhaften Begriff ?

    vielleicht sogar, einen ähnlich anmutenden ?

    vielleicht sogar mit "Atem" ?

    #3Author sacgo (341181)  04 Dec 22, 11:33

    An E. concept comparable to the G. Atem in this idiom? Nothing explicit, as far as I know. I guess one could argue that the idea can be at least implicit in the concept of “staying power,” which works for “langer Atem” in certain contexts.

    #4AuthorBion (1092007) 04 Dec 22, 12:02


    I took stamina & motivation

    #5Author sacgo (341181) 04 Dec 22, 12:03

    #5 - If you insist on those two words, I'd put motivation first, because it comes first, then stamina can prove itself.

    #6Author RightSaidFred (1322814) 04 Dec 22, 13:14


    #7Author sacgo (341181) 04 Dec 22, 18:46

    to be in it/sth. for the long haul

    for the long haul

    For a long period of time; permanently or for as long as something takes to accomplish, attain, etc. Usually refers to one's commitment to someone or something.

    If you need something bildhaft the suggestion above might work. It wouldn't work in the sentence in the OP, however. You would have to adapt it to the context, but it seems like a similar concept.

    #8Author wupper (354075) 04 Dec 22, 22:59

    TRUE !

    cool !

    thx, wupper !

    #9Author sacgo (341181) 04 Dec 22, 23:35
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