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  • Subject

    ground pin

    Context/ examples
    One adapter, four options for more than 150 countries. It’s the elegant,
    compact and safe way to plug in your portable appliances worldwide.
    Suitable for all equipment without ground pin (2-pin connections; 2.5A; 110V – max. 275W; 220V – max. 550W), World Wide Life Time Warranty. Attention: This adapter does not convert voltage
    Dies ist die Produktbezeichnung eines world travel adapters.

    Vielen Dank für jedwede Hilfe im Voraus!
    Authorkama28 Apr 05, 13:52
    In diesem allgemeinverständlichen Zusammenhang:
    #1AuthorDicker28 Apr 05, 13:56
    do you mean EARTH?

    also the warning would be a whole lot clearer if it said THIS IS NOT A TRANSFORMER.
    three pin plugs have live and neutral - brown and blue wires - the 3rd pin, earth, - somewhat offeset, like in UK appliances would be connected to the green and yellow wire. it is perfectly possible to plug a continental twopin plug into a threepin socket by simply ignoring the earth provision on top.

    i don't think i am being very helpful here... personally i find when travelling all problems plugging into strange systems is a kind of reminder that the voltage may be different...
    #2Authorkirsten28 Apr 05, 14:06
    Die gängige Bezeichnung für einen entsprechenden Stecker ist ja Schukostecker. Erdungskontakt ist IMHO genauso gut.

    @ kirsten: ground (AE) = earth (BE) ;-)
    #3AuthorFrank FMH28 Apr 05, 19:59
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