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    Besprechungstermin (short text passage)


    Besprechungstermin (short text passage)

    Dear All, could you please correct/improve the following translation? I would be very grateful!

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    der nächste Termin zur Besprechung offener Rohstoffanfragen aus der Kategorie Farbe findet am Dienstag, 09. Oktober 2007, 11:15 - ca. 12:00 Uhr xxxgebäude, Flur x, Zimmer xxx statt.

    Bitte lassen Sie uns bis spätestens Freitag, 21.09.2007 (17:00) Uhr an unsere zentrale Mailadresse wissen, ob Sie an einem Rohstoffgespräch interessiert sind und wenn ja, welche Rohstoffe Sie diskutieren möchten.

    Dear All
    We would like to invite you to the raw material meeting category Color on Tuesday, October 9 2007, 11:15 am - approx. 12:00 pm, xxbuilding x floor, room xxx.

    Please let us know until Friday, September 21st (5:00 pm) whether you are interested in a raw material meeting and if yes, which raw materials you would like to discuss. Please address your replies to our central (?) mail address

    Best regards,
    AuthorAnette_DE (340170) 14 Sep 07, 15:25
    The next raw material meeting, category Color ? (paint, dye, ink), is scheduled for Tuesday, October 9 2007, 11:15 am - approx. 12:00 pm, xxbuilding x floor, room xxx.

    The rest looks A OK.
    #1Author Helmi (U.S.) (236620) 14 Sep 07, 15:38
    Thank you very much, Helmi !

    It's indeed category "color". We've got category color, styling, care and perm. (hair & beauty care)

    Color stands for hair dyes and for colors which are used to add some color to shampoos or other products.

    Thank you again! I appreciate your help very much!
    Have a nice evening and a nice weekend!
    #2AuthorAnette_DE (340170) 14 Sep 07, 20:11
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