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    Saat und Ernte, Gut und Böse


    Saat und Ernte, Gut und Böse


    Does an official translation for this Sprichwort already exist? Is this the equivalent of 'you reap what you sow'?
    Authordabudu21 Sep 07, 10:58
    SuggestionYing and Yang
    This is not a proverb, but just a compilation of opposite meanings.
    #1AuthorWerner (236488) 21 Sep 07, 11:38
    Hi Werner. Could you please elaborate on it? I guess you are right about it not being a proverb, because I found close to no hits on Google.

    I found this explanation on Wikipedia for Ying and Yang.

    Maybe more context would help

    Als bodenständiger Typ glaubt er an das, was er sieht: Saat und Ernte, Gut und Böse. Seit sein Sohn im Alter von sieben Jahren an einem hühnereigroßen Gehirntumor erkrankte,hält er auch vom lieben Gott nicht mehr so viel – „Mein Sohn hat nie ge-
    flucht, kein böses Wort gesagt und ist trotzdem krank geworden.“
    #2Authordabudu21 Sep 07, 12:05
    Suggestionhe only believed in what he saw: the sowing and the harvest, good and evil.
    it's not a proverb but a simple enumeration (albeit a short one) of opposites - you could go on with: black and white, up and down or whatever
    #3AuthorMadame X (357951) 21 Sep 07, 12:12
    Suggestionsowing and harvest , good and evil
    With context it's easier. You can translate literally.

    Without context it was the Chinese perception of balance. Ying and Yang are synonyms for all opposites: male - female, light - dark, hot - cold and name them. Well known all over the world for things in balance.
    #4AuthorWerner (236488) 21 Sep 07, 12:16
    SuggestionThanks Werner! Thanks Madame X!
    Thanks Werner! Thanks Madame X!
    #5Authordabudu21 Sep 07, 12:23
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