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  • Subject


    You are such a cop-out!

    Does this sentence sound any good?

    AuthorWundertuete72 (299296) 22 Sep 07, 11:31
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    shirkerder Drückeberger  pl.: die Drückeberger
    skulker   - one who shirks dutyder Drückeberger  pl.: die Drückeberger
    quitterder Drückeberger  pl.: die Drückeberger
    slacker [coll.]der Drückeberger | die Drückebergerin  pl.: die Drückeberger, die Drückebergerinnen
    cop-out [coll.]der Drückeberger  pl.: die Drückeberger
    scrimshanker (Brit.) [sl.]der Drückeberger  pl.: die Drückeberger
    skulk [pej.]der Drückeberger  pl.: die Drückeberger [pej.]
    you can't call a person a cop out, only an event

    maybe weasel, slacker, lazybone, lazy bum
    #1Authormacpet (304707) 22 Sep 07, 11:37
    I only use "cop-out" in phrases such as "That's just a cop-out!" In your example I would say "You're such a quitter!" I must admit I'm using the Leo suggestions, but at the moment I can't thionk of anything else!
    #2Authorshuggie(BE) (334750) 22 Sep 07, 11:38
    Wie wär's mit "skiver"?

    #3AuthorMario (ch) (363134) 22 Sep 07, 13:01
    sich einen schönen Tag machen; sich vor der Arbeit drücken:
    to have a good skive;

    sich abseilen; sich drücken [übtr.]:
    to skive off [Br.]; to skedaddle [coll.];

    blaumachen [ugs.], schwänzen:
    to skive, to be on the skive [Br.];

    krankfeiern [ugs.]:
    to be off sick; to skive off work [Br.] [coll.].

    In sehr 'vulgärem' Latein auch: "Pressor montanus" :-)
    #4AuthorReinhard W. (237443) 22 Sep 07, 13:11
    I've never heard of skiver before.
    You can use shirker. It's more common as a verb (to shirk), but definitely possible.
    #5Authorwpr (236109) 22 Sep 07, 13:24
    Suggestionshirk work / shirker
    One entry found for shirk.

    Main Entry: shirk
    Pronunciation: 'sh&rk
    Function: verb
    Etymology: origin unknown
    intransitive verb
    1 : to go stealthily : SNEAK
    2 : to evade the performance of an obligation
    transitive verb : AVOID, EVADE
    - shirk·er noun
    You can also "shirk" work - be a shirker. Rather agree with macpet (OT - HI!) and her suggestion of "lazybone." But that is more equivalent, probably, to "Faulpelz."
    #6AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 22 Sep 07, 13:25
    Almost synchron, Carly ;-)
    #7Authorwpr (236109) 22 Sep 07, 13:32
    @wpr - The sun's shining, and we should therefore be entitled to a "Synchronpunkt," don't you think ? :-)
    #8AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 22 Sep 07, 13:43
    Suggestionphony/fraudulent claimant, (social) benefits cheat, malingerer; shirker [fam.]
    Betrifft shirkers:
    Heinz Küppers Illustriertem Lexikon der deutschen Umgangssprache (Stuttgart, 1984)

    "Zum Beispiel, wenn er jahrelang Schluffis und Drückeberger gewähren lässt, deren Arbeit letztlich die anderen mit leisten müssen." Stern 19. märz 2002

    Betrifft cheats:
    One in five a dole cheat: minister - National -

    "Dabei wurden rund 1.400 Drückeberger ertappt und abgemahnt"(Auf der suche nach scheinkranke) Stern 19 mai 2003

    Urlaub auf krankenschein. Buch. ... Die Hitliste der Drückeberger ... Stern 24. juni 2003
    In the 1990s Stern had a feature on a German in his 40s (giving his name, city, and photo) who had contrived to earn his living receiving government benefits for his entire adult life. When the reporter asked him if he considered himself a Drückeberger, the subject professed to have hurt feelings. (He confessed to fraud only for the years for which the statute of limitations had expired.) Scheinbar macht der Stern hexenjagd gegen die D.s.
    #9Authorhurmata (364229) 23 Sep 07, 08:18
    (see #1)
    the urbandictionary says:

    shifty, schemeing person that will do whatever they need to to escape whatever they fear in the moment

    a complete asshole who gets out of everything and thinks he will always get out of everything yet everyone who knows him knows he will one day get caught

    jon is a fucking weasel!!

    ...and so does a friend who's visiting from NY

    Hi Carly!
    #10Authormacpet (304707) 23 Sep 07, 11:12
    Hi macpet! - Had almost forgotten about the phrase "to weasel one's way out of something." Your friend sure timed his/her visit to Germany, weather-wise it couldn't be better :-)
    #11AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Sep 07, 11:17
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