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    570 Kumpel sind seit dem Grubenunglück weiterhin vermisst.
    Kumpel ist hier nicht "buddy" sondern ein Arbeiter in Minen.
    Authormapl.e14 Oct 07, 12:40
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    cronyder Kumpel  pl.: die Kumpels/die Kumpel
    fellowder Kumpel  pl.: die Kumpels/die Kumpel
    bro (Amer.)der Kumpel  pl.: die Kumpels/die Kumpel
    pal [coll.]der Kumpel  pl.: die Kumpels/die Kumpel [coll.]
    chum [coll.]der Kumpel  pl.: die Kumpels/die Kumpel [coll.]
    mucker (Brit.)der Kumpel  pl.: die Kumpels/die Kumpel [coll.]
    No problem, matey. [coll.](Brit.)Kein Problem, Kumpel!
    #1AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 14 Oct 07, 12:41
    Bacon macht einen guten Vorschlag. Es ist aber nicht ausgeschlossen, das "coworkers" oder sowas aehnliches geeignet sein wuerde. Es haengt von den vorangehenden Saetzen ab.
    #2Author Bob C. (254583) 14 Oct 07, 12:45
    No, Kumpel, when referring to mines, simply means "miner" - nothing to do with "co-worker" (i.e. "Kumpel" in the sense of "mate" or "colleague")
    #3AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 14 Oct 07, 12:46
    Can I suggest "Fellow-miners"?
    If this was written by someone in the mining fraternity, or Miners' Union, that would fit the meaning nicely.
    #4Authoralicerae (375568) 14 Oct 07, 12:51
    Thanks, alicerae. Of course I know miner, but it doesn't really transfer the tone of "Kumpel", a word originating their own lingo.
    #5Authormapl.e14 Oct 07, 14:09
    As "Kumpel" has almost completely replaced "Bergarbeiter" when reporters talk about miners in general, I wouldn't really advise to use "fellow-miners" - assuming we are talking news erports here ;-)
    #6AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 14 Oct 07, 14:14
    Bacon's information (#6) is helpful. I withdraw my proposal of "coworker," which, as Bacon notes in #3, does not here mean "work mate" or the like. Mapl.e said the same thing in the original posting. The translation should be simply "miners."

    "570 Kumpel sind seit dem Grubenunglück weiterhin vermisst."

    "Five hundred seventy miners are still missing after the mine accident."

    (Numbers at the beginning of a sentence must be spelled out, in English.)
    #7Author Bob C. (254583) 14 Oct 07, 16:02
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