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  • Subject

    Sport machen

    to do sport/sports?
    AuthorInga18 Jan 08, 18:30
    Suggestionto do (one's) exercise(s)
    #1AuthorMunichLady (293853) 18 Jan 08, 18:31
    to do sport/s is not possible at all?
    #2AuthorInga18 Jan 08, 18:33
    SuggestionCould be, depends on the context.
    Without any context, I'd just say "exercise"
    #3AuthorKollegin (401177) 18 Jan 08, 18:35
    Suggestionthe context
    the context is: I put on weight easily, that´s why I do sports twice a week.
    oh yes...and: is it sport or sports?
    #4AuthorInga18 Jan 08, 18:40
    Suggestion(to) play sports
    #5AuthorDoe18 Jan 08, 18:59
    it depends; if you actually do a sport, such as play soccer or football, basketball, or any team sport, you could say you're doing/playing a sport or sports; however, if you're jogging or going to the gym, I'd say you're exercising.
    #6Authordude (253248) 18 Jan 08, 19:01
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