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    positiv ausfallen (Schwangerschaftstest)


    positiv ausfallen (Schwangerschaftstest)

    Der Schwangerschaftstest fiel positiv aus.
    Welches Wort benutzt man dafür in Englisch? The pregnancy test was positive? Danke!
    Authortinemo200303 Feb 08, 17:14
    Getting Pregnant - Positive Test! What Now?
    Getting Pregnant Trying to Conceive - What to do now that you have a positive pregnancy test! ... Positive Test! What Now? by Lori Ramsey . You’ve tried to conceive for months ...
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    Positive Test! What Now?
    to conceive for months now, buying pregnancy tests like they were going out of style. ... You finally have that positive pregnancy test! What now?
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    with a home pregnancy test or have it tested by your doctor, or your doctor can do an internal ... a mixture of both positive and troubling feelings, such as pregnancy/ Portals/ 57ad7180-c5e7-49f5-b282-c6475cdb7ee7/ 02%20Pregnant%20what%20now.pdf
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    You're pregnant, now what? - Pregnancy/Birth Archives
    You're pregnant, now what? - Now that the test is positive, here is a handy checklist of items to get started working on right away! From learning about pregnancy
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    A few sample results from
    #1Author Nick Nack (141965) 03 Feb 08, 17:17
    "If the test is faint (in comparison to the control band), the test may be positive"
    positive test scheint richtig
    #2Author Miss Take (399408) 03 Feb 08, 17:19
    Suggestionthe pregnancy test turned out to be positive
    #3Authorsdf08 Aug 08, 15:43
    Suggestionthe result of the pregnancy test was positive (abr. +ve. )
    #4AuthorAutor08 Dec 09, 19:48
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