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    to be "too big for your britches"


    to be "too big for your britches"

    Es geht darum, dass es jemandem peinlich ist, to be too big for your britches. Es muss um irgendeine Redewendung gehen, oder?
    AuthorRuth19 Mar 08, 10:36
    SuggestionSo schwer, dass Brücken darunter einkrachen ?
    Hast du das gehört, und möglicherweise waren "bridges" gemeint ?
    Ich habe nicht den Eindruck, dass diese "britches hier gemeint sein könnten - es passt nicht.

    #1Authorweißnix (236288) 19 Mar 08, 10:43
    to be "too big for your britches" = behaving as if you are more important than you really are.
    #2Authormyklausunna (236435) 19 Mar 08, 10:46
    One of my Dad's favorite saying, when his 3 girls were getting out of line :-))
    #3AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 19 Mar 08, 10:48
    Es geht tätsächlich um britches, und bedeutet dasselbe wie "too big for one's boots", also dreist, vermessen, unbeschieden, oder einfach zu selbstsicher werden.

    LEO übersetzt "too big for one's boots" mit größenwahnsinnig werden, wobei dieser Ausdruck mir als Engländer leider nicht vertraut ist.
    Dictionary: größenwahnsinnig
    #4AuthorSteve (BE) (337761) 19 Mar 08, 10:49
    If you are too big for your britches it means that you have a very self-inflated impression of yourself. There are many terms you can use in German, for example: übertriebene Selbstschätzung
    #5AuthorMike (BE)19 Mar 08, 10:55
    Hmmm. Ist ja gut und schön, dass das ein Idiom ist.
    Aber (unter Bezug auf die vollständige Anfrage):
    ist es solchen Leuten wirklich selbst peinlich, dass sie solche Wichtigtuer sind ?
    #6Authorweißnix (236288) 19 Mar 08, 10:58
    I never associated being to big for my britches with "größenwahnsinnig" - but then, this phrased was most often used from parent/adult to child/teenager who was "testing his/her wings" by talking back, voicing an opinion contrary to that of "authority" (at least, that's when I heard it most) :-)
    #7AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 19 Mar 08, 10:58
    @ carly,
    Yes, I heard that saying, too, a few times as a kid.
    Means something like 'Klugscheißer', 'altklug', 'Große Klappe und nichts dahinter'
    #8Authoralgood (388003) 19 Mar 08, 11:01
    peinlich, ist, daß man darauf aufmerksam gemacht wurde. 'brought down by a peg or two' as my mother would say!
    #9Authoralgood (388003) 19 Mar 08, 11:02
    algood - Your parents must be related to mine - yep, we were alos brought down a peg, or two - when we weren't being "chips off the old block" :-))
    #10AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 19 Mar 08, 11:06
    ... and if we didn't listen to our parents' rantings, it would be like 'water off a duck's back'
    #11Authoralgood (388003) 19 Mar 08, 11:30
    @Carly-AE, algood, Mike, Steve:
    Well then, dear, thank you very much for "bringing me down a peg" and teaching me a few phrases of education (which I will try on my three sons ;-) ).
    #12Authorweißnix (236288) 19 Mar 08, 11:30
    btw, an alternative spelling would be breeches
    #13Authoralgood (388003) 19 Mar 08, 11:33
    Als spöttischen Kommentar zu einem Kind, das seinen Eltern gegenüber altklug auftrumpft, gibt es auch noch:

    "Da will das Ei klüger sein als die Henne!"
    #14AuthorGaleazzo ungel.19 Mar 08, 11:38
    Gern gemommen auch "Die Krümel sind ruhig, wenn die Kuchen sich unterhalten" ...
    #15AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 19 Mar 08, 11:39
    Mmmh, kids should be seen and not heard
    #16Authoralgood (388003) 19 Mar 08, 11:46
    @algood - #16 - yep, sounds VERY familar :-)
    # 11 - Unless we took to what they were saying like ducks to water, but did we ever :-)
    #17AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 19 Mar 08, 11:48
    @algood - or "beautiful but not loud" ?

    "So lange Du die Füße unter meinen Tisch streckst, ...". Lang nicht mehr gehört ;-)
    #18Authorweißnix (236288) 19 Mar 08, 11:48
    Carly, anh, we never did - after all, they had never been young and completely and utterly failed to understand us and our concerns and interests ;-)
    #19AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 19 Mar 08, 11:49
    Exactly, Bacon - And did your parents also walk "barefoot" to school through tons of snow to get an education :-))
    #20AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 19 Mar 08, 11:54
    Not exactly barefoot, but allegedly the two brothers had only one pair of shoes between them, so they had to hop 20 km to school (and back) in all kinds of nasty wheather you wouldn't put a dog out in just to get said education ;-)

    So, of course, we were just a pack of bloody nancies when it came to going out in a storm ;-)
    #21AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 19 Mar 08, 11:56
    Carly, that sounds like "wir hatten ja nüscht" ;o)
    #22AuthorDragon (238202) 19 Mar 08, 11:57
    #23Authormanni3 (305129) 19 Mar 08, 12:04
    Bacon, Same principle :-)) When I was about 14 years old, I first learned that my Dad not only had SHOES to wear, BUT also his own horse to ride the mile (not 10) to school :-))

    Dragon, He did grow up on a farm/plantation - his Dad was the overseer of miles and miles of cotton, tobacco, etc. My mother couldn't resort to these stories, since she's a "city slicker" :-)
    #24AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 19 Mar 08, 12:04
    This is what life was like when I was a kid:
    #25Authoralgood (388003) 19 Mar 08, 12:28
    Phantastic, algood! Thanks for that!
    #26Authorkedi3119 Mar 08, 12:37
    HILARIOUS, algood! Thanks for sharing - you poor kid, you :-))
    #27AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 19 Mar 08, 12:39
    #28Authormanni3 (305129) 19 Mar 08, 12:59
    Here's another one along the same lines: Tony Capstick
    #29Authoralgood (388003) 19 Mar 08, 13:07

    Redewendung wird auch hier benutzt:

    #30Authorspecialplant (316030) 29 Jun 22, 23:01

    Der Plattdeutsche drückt die Sache kürzer und unpathetischer aus: »Wat is he denn? Sin Mors hat man ook bloß twee Hälften!«

    Kurt Tucholsky

    #31Authormbshu (874725) 30 Jun 22, 09:43

    Auch wenn noch nicht Freitag ist ... bei dem OP hab' ich die ganze Zeit den Song von Right Said Fred im Ohr ... falls jemand noch einen Ohrwurm für heute braucht : ... :-)))

    #32Authorno me bré (700807) 30 Jun 22, 10:22
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