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  • Subject

    rote Pfefferbeeren

    stimmt das?
    AuthorMia_1_de (420592) 03 Apr 08, 11:56
    ich schätze mal, Pfefferkörner
    #1Authora greenhorn (279142) 03 Apr 08, 12:00
    SuggestionPfefferbeeren - Pfefferkörner
    Ist das das gleiche? wenn ja, heißt es ja dann red peppercorn - und in der mehrzahl peppercorns??? hört sich komisch an...
    #2AuthorMia_1_de (420592) 03 Apr 08, 12:06
    Suggestionpepper fruit/ pepper berry
    #3Authorjust mee03 Apr 08, 12:06
    SuggestionSichuan pepper
    Wenn ich es recht sehe, ist die dt. Bezeichnung schon eher unüblich, und es dürfte sich um Szechuan-Pfeffer handeln.
    #4Author Ninquelote (274086) 03 Apr 08, 12:08
    Suggestionpepper fruit/ berry - peppercorns
    pepper fruit or berry is just the fruit itself from which (after doing some funny stuff with it) u ll gain the peppercorns. so the berry is still the fruit and the corn is the dry peppercorn as u know it ;)
    #5Authorjust mee03 Apr 08, 12:09
    In englischen Rezepten würdest du nur von "pepper", nicht von "peppercorns" oder "-berries" sprechen.
    "Red pepper" geht aber nicht, da das jeder als "Paprika" interpretieren würden. Folglich wäre es bei einer Rezeptübersetzung dann wahrscheinlich zum Beispiel "2 teaspoons of sichuan (or szechuan) pepper".
    #6Author Ninquelote (274086) 03 Apr 08, 12:21
    Suggestionszechuan pepper
    aber der szechuan pepper ist doch schwarz und nicht rot, oder?
    #7AuthorMia_1_de (420592) 03 Apr 08, 12:29
    Suggestionred pepper berries
    hab noch eine quelle gefunden:

    da heißt es:
    A rarely seen product called pink pepper or red pepper consists of ripe red pepper berries preserved in brine and vinegar.
    #8AuthorMia_1_de (420592) 03 Apr 08, 12:34
    Ich nehme stark an, es geht um diese "Pfefferkörner":
    aus der Familie der Anacardiaceae...
    #9Authorwhat's that in English?03 Apr 08, 12:34
    it is pepper corm not corn and in english recipes and the term red pepper corms exists although they are not a pepper they are Piment.
    #10AuthorSteve03 Apr 08, 12:35
    Suggestionred pepper berries
    eine wissenschaft für sich....
    #11AuthorMia_1_de (420592) 03 Apr 08, 12:35
    Vorsicht - rosa Pfeffer und Szechuan-Pfeffer sind absolut nicht identisch (obwohl letzterer schon rötlich ist).

    Rosa Pfeffer ist pink pepper (berries), Szechuanpfeffer sichuan pepper
    #12Author penguin (236245) 03 Apr 08, 12:36
    @Steve, #10

    For a description of "corm" i.e. see here:
    German: Knolle Dictionary: corm

    "Pepper corm" in the internet is a typo.
    #13Author Ninquelote (274086) 03 Apr 08, 12:44
    ON the internet ...
    #14Author Ninquelote (274086) 03 Apr 08, 12:45
    Suggestionpepper fruit/ pepper berry
    well, the recipe will depend on what u gotta use..

    just found an example here:

    there is, of course a difference between pepper berry/fruit/corn.. and Ninquelote is right bout the recipes n that they usually only tell u to use pepper, in case u have to use normal pepper. however, sometimes u ll have to use pepper berries or, alternatively, can make use of normal pepper corns as well (as stated in the example as well).
    #15Authorjust mee03 Apr 08, 12:46
    1 or 2 culinary references to pepper corms:-

    32 - Filetto al pepe verde e rosa - £16.95
    Scottish fillet steak, grilled to your liking, on a green and pink pepper corm sauce finished with cream and flamed with cognac.
    PUMPKIN SOUP- Steam and ream the cut pumpkin. Peel then mash the flesh. Saute onions/garlic with black pepper corms and japapeno. REMOVE pepper corms and jalapeno. (Oil will only be flavored by them.) Drop mashed pumpkin meat into sauteeing onions and garlic, (olive oil). Add broth if you're anti-dairy or cream, milk, paremsan, and a tsp of soy sauce, or I've used oyster sauce, a soy type sauce and it works well. Add thyme, pepper, butter, fresh parsley, basil, or coriander, maybe some cayenne. You can put it thru a food processor to get it very smooth, but I don't bother.

    Choices of Main Dishes
    Beef Tenderloin with Pink Pepper Corm Sauce
    Baked Lobster Tails with Lemon Butter Potato Dumplings Balsamic Red Onion


    Charity shops? I wouldn't choose the pestle ad mortar for pepper, a 'mill' is better otherwise the pepper corms go everywhere [even though Hubby is the Chef I *do* watch him cooking sometimes ] ........
    Changes can be scarey, even when we want them

    Sheeps Head Broth
    sPLIT THE SKULL LENGTHWAYS AND REMOVE THE BRAINS CAREFULLY; PLACE THEM IN COLD SALTED WATER. Chop[ off the noseand well clean the headall over with salt. Remove the tongue. Tie the head togetherand place in a saucepan with the tongue. Cover with hot water, add 2 teaspoonfuls of salt,and ,as the water boils, skim well. Cook for 1 hour. Wash the brains, tie in muslin and cook in the broth for 20 minutes. Cut the vegetables in small pieces,add these to the broth. Simmer for 2 hours , Season, add the parsley and the meat from the head cut into small pieces. The head can be served seperatly with brain sauce.N.B Sheeps trotters can be added to the aboverecipe if desired. They should be well washedand cooked with the head. The head and trotterscan be served seperately coated with white sauce and garnished with pieces of carrot and turnip. This is a genuine recipe from 1927, Enjoy-if you dare
    Submitted By: Darrell Holland from uk on 2003-08-26
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    SPICES (If it is purely the indigestible fibre of a spice that your system cannot tolerate as opposed to the actual heat from the spice's oils)
    You can use the same tea infuser to put whole bruised or cracked spices in such as 'bruised whole chilly peppers, cracked pepper corms or chips of nutmeg or root ginger for a sweet dish.
    There are now many infused or flavoured oils and vinegars on the market now, I have seen or used,:- oils flavoured with chilly, basil, tomato, and garlic, and vinegars with taragon, raspberry, lemon, and garlic.
    As a last result I have bought the little bottles of flavourings, especially the lemon flavouring for cakes, and other fruit ones for milk puddings etc.
    Pickled Jalapenos

    In response to the question how to preserve Jalapenos (or any other
    chile). The following is the recipe I obtained originally from my cooking
    class in high school in Mexico, but I made some modifications because the
    chiles were allways too cooked. As to how tro dry chiles, that is a question
    that can be answered only by experimenting, since as a mexican I am use to
    find any kind of chiles any time in the market very cheap, and I would
    think most of the mexicans wouldn't know how to dry them.... Any way, I have
    a very good recipe for chipotles (dry jalapenos) once I am able to understand
    how this system works... Please note that I don't give the exact amounts
    because they would vary depending on what you want to get, but keep in mind
    that the important thing always would be the spices.

    Fresh chiles (jalapenos or serranos)
    Coliflower (I use one head only)
    Garlic (1/4 of a head per jar)
    The following spices on each jar:
    1 or 2 Bay entire leaves
    2 cloves
    2 or 3 pepper corms
    1 little piece of cinnamon
    1/4 tsp of mustard seed
    white vinegar (I use like 1/2 galon for eight 1 pint jars).
    #16AuthorSteve03 Apr 08, 13:55
    Typos happen. :)

    "... und mit Zitrone und Pfffer abschmecken."

    "Thailändische Shrimp-Suppe mit Zirone *"

    "...2. add pasnip slices and stir until coated with butter,..."

    125g soft btter
    125g sugar ..."

    #17Author Ninquelote (274086) 03 Apr 08, 14:31
    The "coliflower" for the Jalapenos is nice too.
    #18Author Ninquelote (274086) 03 Apr 08, 14:32
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