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    Wie macht der Hund?

    Wie macht der Hund?
    Wie macht die Katze?
    Kannst du uns vormachen, wie eine Katze macht?
    Für den Englischgrundschulunterricht suchen wir eine Formulierung, die möglichst vielseitig ist, also einen slot, der für alle Tiere brauchbar ist.
    VerfasserOliver15 Mai 08, 10:48
    What do dogs say? (rather babyish)
    What sound do dogs make?
    #1Verfasser CM2DD (236324) 15 Mai 08, 10:51
    And the dog goes?
    #2VerfasserLolcat15 Mai 08, 10:51
    Umgangssprachlicher vielleicht

    "How does a dog go?" "A dog goes woof!"

    ... allerdings ist das möglicherweise Valley-Girl-Teenagersprache a la "and then I went, like, oops, and he was like, hey babe, so I was like, dude, so we were, like ... "...
    #3Verfasserzwesda15 Mai 08, 10:53
    With small children, I would use 'say.'

    What does a dog say? / What do dogs say?

    A dog says 'Woof.' / Dogs say 'Woof.'
    A cat says 'Meow.'
    A pig says 'Oink.'
    A cow says 'Moo.'
    A rooster says 'Cock-a-doodle-doo.'
    A frog says 'Ribbick.'

    You could use 'go' in the answer ('Dogs go 'Woof' ') but to my ears it would be less common to use 'go' in the question. (If you did, 'How does a dog go?' would be okay colloquially. But I'm not sure I would teach that to beginners, because usually we don't use 'How?' in English for this kind of question, only 'What?' And that's something that German speakers need to practice. Compare 'Wie ist es?' = 'What is it like?')

    If you're pointing to a picture of a particular dog, then you could use 'the dog' instead of 'a dog.'

    For other animals, you may have to use a different question if there's only a verb, not an interjection.

    What sound does an elephant make? / What sound do elephants make?

    An elephant trumpets. / Elephants trumpet.
    A dog barks.
    A cat meows.
    A pig oinks.
    A rooster crows.
    A cow moos.
    A frog croaks.
    A horse neighs / whinnies.
    A goose honks.
    A wolf howls.
    A cricket chirps.
    A bee (wasp, mosquito, fly) buzzes.
    A snake hisses.

    The question could also be 'What do elephants do?', but then the answer could be 'Elephants pick up peanuts with their trunks.' Though it might be fun to let the kids catch you like that. (-;

    If you want the kids to actually make the sounds, there are different ways to say 'Imitate a dog' in language more appropriate to children; for example,

    Can you be a dog?
    Show me what a dog says.
    Let's all be dogs.
    Make a sound like a dog.
    Pretend / Make believe you're a dog. What do you say?

    #4Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 15 Mai 08, 20:02
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