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  • Subject

    Wieder was kaputt.


    "Something broken again" <- das sieht irnzwie voll -- nicht gut aus (höflich ausgedrückt). Weiß wer was Besseres?
    AuthorVetch (453340) 15 Jun 08, 18:03
    Je nachdem, was kaputt ist:
    Another malfunction
    Out of action (or order or operation) once more
    Yet another breakdown
    Broken down yet again
    Not working again

    Up the spout would, I take it, be insufficiently polite for your purposes?
    #1AuthorSD3 (451227) 15 Jun 08, 18:23

    They're all good ("up the spout" will definitely come handy :) ) aber ich meine bisschen was anderes.
    "Wieder was kaputt" is what came to my mind when watching the anime Akira - destruction, demolition, discreation without end.

    Thinking about it - "Alles rennet, rettet, flüchtet" in English would be useful, too. :)

    #2AuthorVetch (453340) 15 Jun 08, 18:33
    Not that I know anything about anime (but I'm trying to imagine), how about:

    death and destruction abound again
    total annihilation again
    yet more destruction and mayhem
    graphic artists wipe out the human race (oh, wait, I'm getting carried away)

    and then

    All of humanity is running, getting out of there, trying to escape.

    (This is exhausting - I'm going for a relaxing swim.)
    #3AuthorSD3 (451227) 15 Jun 08, 18:57
    I missed your answer. Thänx a bunch! What I can see is that there is no real translation for "Wieder was kaputt." I recommend that it'll be added to the German parts of English (y'know what I mean), like "schadenfreude" and "abseiling" and sumsuch.

    As it is "graphic artists wipe out the human race" will do nicely, though I'll add "and destroy all buildings on earth. Yes, all." :)

    Concerning anime -- to be fair I must add that I know almost nothing about them and I hope Akira is not typical.

    #4AuthorVetch (453340) 15 Jun 08, 21:55
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