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  • Subject

    Original tractor wheels

    We have original tractor wheels available
    Hi gang, sorry I know that the answer probably already lies in Leo somewhere, but forgive me - I've lost confidence since I came home from Germany (about 2 weeks ago!)
    So - the company I'm now working for supply wheels and tyres for the agricultural sector and I have to phone a German company to let them know we have tractor wheels available (they're tricky to get hold of apparently at the moment)
    thank yooou for your help :)
    AuthorLooloobelle (413002) 12 Aug 08, 10:18
    SuggestionWir haben sie auf Lager / verfügbar.
    #1Author maxxpf (361343) 12 Aug 08, 10:19
    #2Author Klosterbruder (348449) 12 Aug 08, 10:20
    Ah, Moment...
    "Original-Traktorreifen", wenn es sich auf den reinen Reifen (also das Gummi) bezieht.
    "Original-Traktorräder", wenn der ganze Reifen (Felge mit Gummi) gemeint ist.
    #3Author Klosterbruder (348449) 12 Aug 08, 10:21
    thanks so much - it is regarding the vocabulary for the wheels themselves and the tractor (not vocab I've ever had to use) and it is the wheels as opposed to the tyres so I'm guessing that would be Raeder?
    #4AuthorLooloobelle (413002) 12 Aug 08, 10:21
    Genau Klosterbruder, danke!
    #5AuthorLooloobelle (413002) 12 Aug 08, 10:22
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