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    Parallel dazu wurde deutlich, dass mit der Neuregelung für Erwerbslose (Hartz IV) Mitnahmeeffekte entstanden indem bei Zuverdienstarbeiten die Entlohnung so gestaltet wurde, dass die staatlichen Subventionen maximiert wurden.
    The whole sentence is driving me crazy as it is.
    But I don't know what to call these jobs in English because I think they are different than just part-time jobs.
    Author miamibremen (279037) 22 Sep 08, 15:26
    Suggestionadditional/extra income
    #1Author macpet (304707) 22 Sep 08, 15:28
    I would think you'd have to specify, "second job" or something.
    additional/extra income could also be the result of a rental property for example
    not sure how official a term "moonlighting" would be
    #2Author RES-can (330291) 22 Sep 08, 15:39
    Suggestionsupplementary jobs
    #3Author Helmi (U.S.) (236620) 22 Sep 08, 15:39
    Thank you!
    #4Author miamibremen (279037) 22 Sep 08, 15:51
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