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    aerial jinks

    My week-long trip finished with a 4-hour bumpy ride to the charming 1,300-year-old Phoenix Town. If the aerial jinks of this place don't jangle your nerves, this certainly will.
    Our group hurtled at breakneck speed through the winding roads, with steep falls beckoning at every turn, all the time the driver's horn sounding near-continuously as if his hand were glued to it.
    Hallo zusammen,

    ich weiß nicht genau, was mit "aerial jinks" in dem Satzbeispiel gemeint ist. Könnte mir jemand auf die Sprünge helfen?

    Danke im Voraus!

    VerfasserKristine30 Sep. 08, 12:56
    jink (jngk)
    v. jinked, jink·ing, jinks
    To make a quick, evasive turn: "He jinked every five seconds, and now brought his tank left again" Tom Clancy.
    To cause (a vehicle or an aircraft, for example) to make a quick, evasive turn.
    #1Verfasser Werner (236488) 30 Sep. 08, 13:01
    Das passt gut - Danke sehr!
    #2VerfasserKristine30 Sep. 08, 13:05
    VorschlagKursänderungen im Nichts ?
    The Tourism Festival opened in, and focused on, its trump card, Zhangjiajie. [...]
    The peaks are all around, hundreds, if not thousands of them and they are the result of many years of erosion and quite a distinctive feature of Chinese landscapes.
    If the sights alone don't take your breath away, the journeys between them surely will. [...]
    During the epic cable car ride, I looked at the route ahead and the cable suddenly angled up and vanished vertically into the mist above. Surely, one wasn't heading up there. Wrong! This heart-stopping voyage carried me through the clouds as if I was truly flying through the sky.
    My week-long trip finished with a 4-hour bumpy ride to the charming 1,300-year-old town of Fenghuang (Phoenix Town), home of the Miao ethnic group. If the aerial jinks of Zhangjiajie don't jangle your nerves, this certainly will.
    Nach Ergoogeln des korrekten und vollständigen Kontexts wird es klarer. Eben nicht "aerial jinks of this place", sondern "of the other place".
    #3Verfasser Mattes (236368) 30 Sep. 08, 13:05
    Na da ist es doch beschrieben. Die "aerial jinks" sind eben die abrupten Ecken der Seilbahn, also in der Luft (aerial).
    Als Übersetzung vielleicht sowas wie "die Zickzackfahrt in der Luft".
    #4VerfasserTigerspirit (290681) 30 Sep. 08, 13:29
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