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    drawing rights

    Special Drawing Rights

    - wie übersetze ich das am Besten? Es geht hier um Haftungsausschlüsse bei Gepäckverlust

    vielen Dank!
    Authorheix18 Oct 08, 20:11
    Special Drawing Rights kenne ich eigentlich nur als Sonderziehungsrechte. Passt aber heir überhaupt nicht.

    Vielleicht: to assume no liability (keine Haftung übernehmen)

    #1AuthorNonNee (478187) 18 Oct 08, 20:20
    sorry ..passt 'hier' überhaupt nicht
    #2AuthorNonNee (478187) 18 Oct 08, 20:21
    Vielen Dank! Vielleicht passt es ja doch. Was genau sind denn Sonderziehungsrechte?

    Es geht darum, dass Fluggäste im Fall eines Gepäckverlusts Entschädigung bekommen. Zum besseren Verständnis der ganze Satz:

    The Central Baggage Service Team will settle your claim up to the maximum liability of $250, excluding interim expenses of up to $75 (for flights within Canada) and up to 1,000 Special Drawing Rights, for international flights.
    #3Authorheix18 Oct 08, 21:13
    #4AuthorNonNee (478187) 18 Oct 08, 21:18
    Hier die Aufklärung des trockenen SDR in Verbindung mit Fluggepäck:

    Special Drawing Rights
    A Special Drawing Right (SDR) is an international unit of account defined by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It is commonly used in international legislation and can be converted into national currency in the same way as other foreign currency conversion.The value of one SDR in terms of United States dollars is determined daily on the IMF website and it bases on the exchange rates of the currenciesas quoted at noon at the London market. (In case London market is closed, New York market rates are used; in case both markets are closed, European Central Bank reference rates are used.)

    The Montreal Convention limits for baggage and delays were thus 1,000 SDRs and 4,150 SDRs respectively.

    The latest value of the SDR in terms of the US dollar is available from the IMF
    #5AuthorWerner (236488) 18 Oct 08, 21:26
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