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    Is this thing on?

    "When all the things that you've been thinking
    has you so confused and so unglued
    your head is spinning
    well we've all felt the same inside
    I've been on that ledge countless times
    and I know what that feels like
    you're on your own, can't make it through this world all alone
    ->is this thing on at all?"
    IS THIS THING ON is a song title, the band's LESS THAN JAKE by the way.
    I was just wondering what that phrase means, didn't find any answers on the internet.
    Verfasserchackachacka (533294) 13 Dez. 08, 13:22
    I'm not sure either, but maybe it's totally out of the context: Asking, if the microphone is on; meaning if the person can hear what he is saying.

    I thought of it with the song "I love Rock 'n' Roll" by Joan Jett (or the cover by Miss Spears) where they bang against the mic in the beginning and say "Hey, is this thing on?"
    #1VerfasserChrissara13 Dez. 08, 13:28
    You truly seem to get the point ;-)
    makes sense to me.
    didn't think about that before!
    thank you!
    #2Verfasserchackachacka (533294) 13 Dez. 08, 14:09
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