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    English missing

    überwältigt (unmissverständlich positiv)


    überwältigt (unmissverständlich positiv)

    "Ich bin ganz überwältigt von all deinen Briefen."
    Ja, es ist mir schon klar, daß "überwältigt" "overwhelmed" heißt.
    Aber der englische Begriff scheint mir dieselbe Doppeldeutigkeit zu enthalten wie das deutsche "überwältigt" im Sinne von "erschlagen" oder "erdrückt".

    Ich suche aber ein Wort, das die positive Bedeutung dieses Begriffs eindeutig und unmissverständlich rüberbringt.
    Hat jemand dafür einen Vorschlag?

    Vielen Dank im voraus!
    AuthorAnna C. (474640) 19 Dec 08, 22:47
    one can also be positively overwhelmed
    #1Authordude19 Dec 08, 22:48
    Yes, Dude, I am aware of that. But it remains ambiguous just like the German word. And I need one that is absolutely not ambiguous.
    #2AuthorAnna C. (474640) 19 Dec 08, 23:18
    I am blown away by all your letters.
    #3AuthorTodd (275243) 19 Dec 08, 23:21
    "I feel overwhelmed by all your letters" might - to the best of my understanding - be saying:
    - I feel deeply touched and am overjoyed by all your letters.
    - This is getting just too much for me. Please stop bombarding me with your letters.
    #4AuthorAnna C. (474640) 19 Dec 08, 23:21
    #4 was supposed to illustrate my point; did not see #3 when I wrote it.

    @ Todd: Is "blown away" really any less ambiguous than "overwhelmed"?
    And what kind of level of speech would that be? It does sound sort of casual, doesn't it?
    #5AuthorAnna C. (474640) 19 Dec 08, 23:24
    "blown away" is definitely casual, but always positive.

    And "to feel overwhelmed" is definitely more negative than "to be overwhelmed".

    If you have to keep it formal, how about intonating the positive with an adjective in front of "letters":

    I was overwhelmed by all your wonderful letters.....

    #6AuthorTodd (275243) 19 Dec 08, 23:31
    "blown away" is definitely casual, but always positive.

    unless, of course, you get blown away by your opponent, right, Todd?
    #7Authordude19 Dec 08, 23:32
    yes, but that is a completely different context and you know it, dude....
    #8AuthorTodd (275243) 19 Dec 08, 23:37
    Thanks, Todd and Dude!

    Yes, I do need to keep it a bit more formal. And I think the idea with the adjective is an excellent solution!
    #9AuthorAnna C. (474640) 19 Dec 08, 23:39
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