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  • Subject

    hilfreiches Korrektiv

    Sich ab und zu auch mal einer anderen Meinung auszusetzen, kann ein hilfreiches Korrektiv sein.
    Der Satz ist nur Beiwerk; mir kommt es nur auf die Formulierung "hilfreiches Korrektiv" an.
    "Helpful corrective" klingt irgendwie nicht sehr überzeugend... ;-)

    Danke schonmal im voraus!
    AuthorAnna C. (474640) 19 Dec 08, 23:29
    Suggestionbeneficial corrective
    just a thought
    #1AuthorRobert -- US (328606) 19 Dec 08, 23:31
    Thanks, Robert - US!
    So I take it that would sound idiomatic to an AE native speaker?
    #2AuthorAnna C. (474640) 19 Dec 08, 23:41
    not really....

    how about "can be a helpful lesson"???
    #3AuthorTodd (275243) 19 Dec 08, 23:44
    Oh no. I just realized that I've got the verb "benefit" in the same sentence.

    "Such an exchange can only benefit both sides, providing a beneficial corrective."

    So one of those won't work now. How could I reword that?

    "Such an exchange can only [ein Gewinn sein], providing a beneficial corrective for both sides."

    Something like that?
    Ideas, anyone?

    #4AuthorAnna C. (474640) 19 Dec 08, 23:46
    @ Todd: Thanks, but I am afraid that "a helpful lesson" might sound a bit too negative - like in "to teach someone a lesson". The sentence is supposed to sound entirely positive.
    #5AuthorAnna C. (474640) 19 Dec 08, 23:48
    "lesson" ist meines Erachtens überhaupt nicht negativ in dem Zusammenhang, besonders wenn das positive Adjektiv "helpful" davorsteht.

    Aber wenn du's ganz vermeiden willst, wie wär's mit:

    Dealing with differing opinions can be enlightening. ???

    #6AuthorTodd (275243) 19 Dec 08, 23:57
    I disagree slightly with Todd #3: "idiomatic" at what level? Certainly not man-in-the-street level, but I don't think that's where Anna is going. Of course, as soon as you use "corrective" you have upped the register considerably.

    Another idea: "Such an exchange can only be positive, benefitting [proving beneficial to] both sides." (If you're dealing with a specific exchange.) As a general principle, Todd's #6 last sentence looks good to me, too.
    #7AuthorRobert -- US (328606) 20 Dec 08, 00:08
    Robert- things that are truly idiomatic transgress the "levels" you're talking about. "beneficial corrective" is completely clear and correct, but does not fit into that category.
    #8AuthorTodd (275243) 20 Dec 08, 00:36
    Thanks, Todd, for clarifying that. I misunderstood your comment about "not idiomatic" as meaning that it sounded "denglish" or something.
    #9AuthorRobert -- US (328606) 20 Dec 08, 07:22
    Thanks for your ideas and suggestions!

    I am still struggling a bit with this sentence though.
    I guess the difficulty comes in when I talk about a "corrective" (or whatever word I might use) which implies something negative (an opinion that needs correction) but want a completely positive sounding sentence at the same time.
    And I do need that aspect of people's opinions being corrected by this exchange - but without making it sound like they are being "geschulmeistert".

    And glad as I am that the two of you now agree and clearly understand each other on the question of how idiomatic "beneficial corrective" is ;-) - I am afraid that I am sort of confused now...

    Trying to put things together now from your suggestions, but still unsure if this sounds idiomatic now:
    A cultural exchange can only be positive, providing a beneficial corrective for both sides.

    Todd's sentence #6 sounds good too, but I can't seem to fit it into this context.
    #10AuthorAnna C. (474640) 20 Dec 08, 13:11
    then how about, "Dealing with differing opinions can be instructional"?

    Has an aspect of being taught something without the negativity, (IMHO)
    #11AuthorTodd (275243) 20 Dec 08, 13:35
    Or, "Dealing with differing opinions can be instructive".

    Merriam-Webster gives "enlightening" (Todd's earlier suggestion) as a synonym for "instructive", but instructive - at least to me - allows for the idea of correction which enlightening does not.
    #12AuthorRobert -- US (328606) 20 Dec 08, 20:57
    I like 'instructive' too, or maybe 'a useful corrective.'
    #13Authorhm -- us (236141) 20 Dec 08, 21:02
    Or just 'can be beneficial,' period.

    Not 'instructional,' though, I don't think.
    #14Authorhm -- us (236141) 20 Dec 08, 21:04
    Thanks for all your help!
    I went with kind of a compromise of several of your solutions, and the e-mail it was for is gone now! :-)
    #15AuthorAnna C. (474640) 20 Dec 08, 22:32
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