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    English missing

    rockfordwende, das ist eine 180 gradf wende mit einem auto in der fahrt


    rockfordwende, das ist eine 180 gradf wende mit einem auto in der fahrt

    wie rockford in der serie
    oder in twilight edward cillen mit seinem volvo

    ersrt ruckwarts fahren, dann in der fahrt um 180 grad drehen und weiterfahren
    AuthorEdinaMaggi13 Feb 09, 20:08
    Suggestionto do a one-eighty :-)
    #1AuthorHelmi (U.S.) (236620) 13 Feb 09, 20:10
    SuggestionJ-turn or Rockford turn

    A J-Turn is a driving maneuver used to reverse a backwards-traveling vehicle so as to continue driving in the same direction, but with the vehicle pointed forward. The J-Turn is also called "moonshiner's turn", based on the elusive driving tactics used by bootleggers. A J-turn differs from a bootleg turn in that the vehicle starts out reversing.
    #2AuthorRobNYNY13 Feb 09, 20:17
    @ #1: Can you do it with a horse (and is it still called the same) ? . . . ;-)
    #3AuthorDaddy . . . (533448) 13 Feb 09, 20:25
    @ # 3, yep, on a dime. Western ranch horses are generally trained to do that. :-))
    #4AuthorHelmi (U.S.) (236620) 13 Feb 09, 20:28
    @Daddy: ...or in the dressage world ... "turn on the haunches" (from halt), "walk pirouette" (from walk), "canter pirouette" (from canter - this can also be a 360° turn) - the difference being that dressage horses aren't supposed to do it when reversing! :-)
    @Helmi: do you have as much snow and ice as we do?
    #5AuthorDebbie13 Feb 09, 20:33
    @ # 5, Hi Debbie, we had plenty of that stuff in January but after a week of temps in the 50s and 60s it's mostly gone now. Have a great weekend. :-))
    #6AuthorHelmi (U.S.) (236620) 13 Feb 09, 20:37
    @#6: Lucky you - have a great weekend too. :-))
    #7AuthorDebbie13 Feb 09, 20:38
    oh, lucky US, some have snow.

    I wish I am here now and can drive in the snow:

    And what's in Scotland? Not even cold ...
    #8AuthorDuk13 Feb 09, 23:52
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