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  • Subject

    Musikalisches Werk

    Beethhoven's populäres Werk wird am 5.06. aufgeführt.
    Werk bedeutet hier "Musikalisches Stück" / "Oper", usw.
    AuthorSearchingStan28 Apr 09, 09:56
    Suggestionopus, creation
    #1Author Zopfi (327897) 28 Apr 09, 09:56
    #2Authoramazombi (529086) 28 Apr 09, 09:59
    Suggestioncomposition, piece of music
    #3AuthorSachs28 Apr 09, 10:01
    Definitely "composition". (I'm a musician)
    #4Authormissmuffet28 Apr 09, 10:51
    Suggestion(musical) work
    The popular Beethoven work will be performed June 5.

    In many contexts it's just 'work'; that seems okay to me here.

    To me 'composition' is possible, but would fit better in a more technical context (i.e., music history, not advertising), or for a shorter piece. The same goes for 'piece (of music),' which is even more colloquial. 'Für Elise' is a composition, or more casually a piece, but the Fifth Symphony is a work.

    'Opus' in music has a special meaning (a piece or group of pieces with a catalogue number), so it doesn't sound right here.

    'Creation' is a little too poetic for my taste here.

    'Oeuvre' in English normally means a group of works, all the collected works of a writer or composer over his or her lifetime. I've never heard it used for a single work in this sense.

    #5Author hm -- us (236141) 28 Apr 09, 20:30
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