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    Was heißt Schuhspitze auf englisch?
    Verfassershoe15 Mai 09, 08:21
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    toe-capdie Schuhspitze  Pl.: die Schuhspitzen
    Ergebnisse aus dem Forum
    #1Verfasserqqwq15 Mai 09, 08:22
    tip of the shoe,
    toe cap klingt eher nach Verstärkung wie bei Arbeitsschuhen, wer korrigiert das?
    #2VerfassersillyM (588190) 15 Mai 09, 08:30

    Ohne "cap" wird ein Schuh bzw. eine Schuhspitze daraus.

    #3VerfasserRominara (1294573) 08 Dez. 22, 03:40

    #3 toe-cap ohne cap = Schuhspitze? Also toe = Schuhspitze? Ehrlich?

    #4Verfasser Selima (107) 08 Dez. 22, 06:19

    Und so eine überflüssige Fadenausgrabung.

    #5Verfasser wienergriessler (925617) 08 Dez. 22, 07:52

    Also toe = Schuhspitze? Ehrlich?

    Well, yes. I'd say so.


    c : the forepart of something worn on the foot

    the toe of a boot

    That's what they call it in a shoe store, for example. It could be that Schuhspitze is more limited, that is, only includes the very front material of a shoe and not anything else, but there is at least some overlap.

    Personally, I've never heard of 'toecap' before. It could be BE, but if I were to guess its meaning w/o any context, it sounds to me like some external thing attached to the outside of a shoe in the front for added protection or something like that.

    #6Verfasser wupper (354075)  08 Dez. 22, 08:56

    Auch ganz alleinstehend, wupper?

    Sie schob den Stein mit der Schuhspitze weg.

    Als er aus der Wiese, kam waren nur seine Schuhspitzen komplett verdreckt.

    Elisa war mit der Schuhspitze im Gitter stecken geblieben.

    Würde da man einfach nur toe schreiben oder doch toe of ... (his boots, shoes ...) oder tip of ...?

    #7Verfasser Selima (107)  08 Dez. 22, 09:07

    Auch ganz alleinstehend, wupper?

    If the context is clear, yes.

    "How does it fit in the toe?" asks the salesman. Or "These purple shoes have a wider toe."

    Different types of toe shapes:


    But in your examples, yes, "tip of" fits much better. (Although in the last one "toe of" would work, too.)

    #8Verfasser wupper (354075) 08 Dez. 22, 09:18

    Hmmm ... Überlappungen gibt es sicherlich ... die Zehen(schutz)kappe ist schließlich vorne am bzw. im Schuh angebracht ... aber wie u.a. Selima sehe ich da - im Deutschen auf jeden Fall - Differenzierungsbedarf ... und bin mit auf die Antworten auf die Fragen in #7 gespannt ...

    #9Verfasser no me bré (700807) 08 Dez. 22, 09:20


    or even, "The orange ones over there have a more rounded toe."

    #10Verfasser wupper (354075)  08 Dez. 22, 09:22

    Just a suggestion:

    She pushed the stone away with the toe of her shoe.

    When he came out of the meadow, only the tips of his shoes were completely dirty.

    The tip of Elisa's shoe was stuck in the grate.

    It is clear from the context that only the foremost part of a shoe is meant. 

    #11VerfasserBubo bubo (830116) 08 Dez. 22, 09:29


    To me, "with the toe of her shoe" is absolutely normal.

    In your second and third sentences I would mentally "translate" tip to toe.

    #12VerfasserHecuba - UK (250280) 08 Dez. 22, 10:18

    "Our 3 eyelet bovver boots have a metal toe cap so they perfectly protect your toes from potential injuries resulting from a heavy object falling on your foot."



    FWIW, I agree with wupper #6 etc. [edit: and Hecuba #12: you could use "tip of" but I think I'd also just say "toe"]

    To me, a toe cap would be added reinforcement of the shoe, e.g. a steel toe cap or a more modern composite addition for work or bovver boots.

    #13Verfasser Marianne (BE) (237471)  08 Dez. 22, 10:20

    I'll second #13.

    #14VerfasserJaymack (805011) 08 Dez. 22, 10:53

    Kein Widerspruch gegenüber den Muttersprachlern; allerdings


    A six-eyelet Oxford on the elegant 7000 last which features a toe cap with finely stitched twin rows, and a whole cut quarter -

    John Lobb | Alford |

    Ich glaube nicht, dass ausgerechnet John Lobb diesen Schuh als Sicherheitsschuh anbietet 🙂

    #15Verfasser wienergriessler (925617) 08 Dez. 22, 10:53

    So it was worth exhuming the thread? ;-)

    Yes, that would also technically be a toe cap (leather this time) as a distinct piece, demarcated by the stitching, such as you find on brogues and shoes of similar design.

    #16Verfasser Marianne (BE) (237471) 08 Dez. 22, 11:12

    Na, da hat die Ausgraberei doch noch was gebracht. Falls jemand Zeit hat, wäre ein Falscher-Eintrag-in-LEO?-Faden für toe cap - Schuhspitze sinnvoll.

    Marianne - unser Synchronpunkt ;-) ---->O

    #17Verfasser Selima (107)  08 Dez. 22, 11:13

    So it was worth exhuming the thread? : -)

    Nur wenn man nicht mehr berufstätig ist!

    #18Verfasser wienergriessler (925617) 08 Dez. 22, 11:19

    @#18: Not sure what employment has to do with it - I, for one, am still working. :-)

    #19Verfasser Marianne (BE) (237471)  08 Dez. 22, 11:39

    @#19 das bezog sich auf #3, wo der Thread um 3:40 in der Früh ausgegraben wurde.

    Berufstätige liegen zu der Zeit* gemütlich im Bett und schlafen.

    *Sofern man in unserer Zeitzone wohnt.

    #20Verfasser buttermaker (826321) 08 Dez. 22, 13:56

    I'd say "toe of a shoe" or "tip of a shoe". If the shoe had a particularly pointed toe then I'd probably say "tip". I'd also say "tip" if implying that the wearer was trying to distance themselves from something as in "She pushed the paper away with the tip of her shoe".

    Other people have pointed out that "toe cap" can have the specific meaning of a metal insert to protect the toes or a decorative feature at the toe of the shoe. "Toe cap" can also describe a temporary protective device worn over the toe of the shoe.

    #21Verfasser FernSchreiber (1341928) 08 Dez. 22, 21:35

    #21 First paragraph: I agree, especially with "She pushed the paper away with the tip of her shoe".

    #22VerfasserHecuba - UK (250280) 09 Dez. 22, 10:14
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