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  • Subject

    eine flasche sekt köpfen

    gibts im englischen einen ähnlichen ausdruck?
    Authorrhia8528 Jul 09, 11:01
    Suggestionto crack open a bottle of sparkling wine
    #1Authorflyfly28 Jul 09, 11:06
    to crack a bottle of sparkling wine (ist das was du suchst)
    to open a bottle of sparkling wine

    to crack open ist doppelt gemoppelt -
    flyfly hat bestimmt vergessen 'open' in Klammern zu setzen

    #2Author343228 Jul 09, 11:44
    Suggestioncrack open
    @ 3432 you can crack a bottle of wine by dropping it or not handling it with care, without meaning to open it intentionally.
    #3Author343328 Jul 09, 11:47
    thx for your information - you live and learn

    but this wasn't really meant here, was it?
    #4Author343228 Jul 09, 11:51
    @4 no, to crack a bottle wasn't really meant, it was to crack open a bottle that was meant.
    #5Author343328 Jul 09, 13:37
    Suggestionto saber a bottle

    What is sabering? Sabering is the art of cleanly severing the top off a bottle of sparkling wine. You hit the lower lip of the top of the champagne bottle and snap off the top of the neck. Yes, you break the glass; No, the glass doesn’t get into the drink because the momentum carries it away from the neck (but you may get a shard on the floor so be careful). This works because there is a sharp radius where the lip meets the neck that concentrates stress, making the bottle want to snap cleanly.
    Eine selten gewordene Methode, Sektflaschen zu öffnen, ist, diese mit einem Säbel zu köpfen. Im Englischen scheint dieser Brauch als "to saber a bottle" bezeichnet zu werden.
    #6Authoryotix28 Jul 09, 13:42
    Suggestionto pop open a bottle of bubbly
    This would be a standard colloquial way of saying it. You could always replace bubbly with sparkling wine/champagne.
    #7AuthorFäts28 Jul 09, 13:51
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