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  • Subject

    attended door

    Excerpt from a standard regarding safe use of ladders:

    Ladders must not be placed in fron of doors unless the door is blocked, locked or attended.
    AuthorKarla19 Dec 09, 16:45
    Türen, die benutzt werden, also den Durchgang gewähren müssen
    #1AuthorTessa19 Dec 09, 16:56
    Suggestionbeaufsichtigt / bewacht ?
    'Benutzt' is wrong; please don't guess.

    I'm not sure exactly how to say this best in German, sorry; you might just have to say something like an der Tür stehen.

    The point is that you should not set up a ladder in front of an open door, a door that is in use, because someone could walk through the door quickly, not notice the ladder, and bump into the ladder or knock it over, injuring the person on the ladder. To prevent this, you should either lock the door, put up a barrier, or have a person stand at the door on the other side and warn people not to go through it.

    #2Author hm -- us (236141) 19 Dec 09, 17:07
    bewacht ist schon ganz richtig, beaufsichtigt ist eher selten ... beobachtet geht auch ...
    #3AuthorLouisa19 Dec 09, 19:21
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